Ventura Pons

Ventura Pons – Barcelona (un mapa) AKA Barcelona: A Map (2007)


Timid, elderly Ramon once worked at a Barcelona theater, later burned down, where he enjoyed dressing up in women’s costumes. He’s now married to Ros and owns a house whose rooms he has rented out.Wishing to spend his last days in peace, Ramon visits his tenants to ask them to leave. Read More »

Ventura Pons – Amor idiota aka Idiot Love (2004)


When Pere-Lluc (Santi Millan) takes a drunken stroll down the street he gets more than he bargained for. After hitting his head on an aluminum ladder he becomes obsessed with the girl who rushes to his aid. … Full DescriptionThis Spanish-language feature follows Pere-Lluc’s increasingly desperate, and often amusing, attempts to win her over.
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