Video Art

Philippe Grandrieux – The Scream (2019)

The Scream, a 63-minute sequence depicting nude bodies engaged in variations of cathartic experience, is projected on eleven separate channels across five walls, with a three-second delay for each channel at its Hong Kong premiere along with the new gallery installation, The Bare Life. Read More »

    Heinz Emigholz – D’Annunzios Höhle aka D’Annunzio’s Cave (2005)

    Heinz Emigholz, the premiere purveyor of architectural oddities (Sullivan’s Bridges, Goff in the Desert), meticulously documents 15 rooms of the enormous Villa Cargnacco in Lombardy, Italy, designed by proto-fascist poet Gabriele D’Annunzio (1863-1938). The controversial figure spent 17 years designing the Vittoriale, a state museum on Lake Garda, and furnishing the Villa Cargnacco, which is part of the grand complex. This unusual documentary resulted from a photography session in the villa, when four friends–cinematographers Irene von Alberti, Elfi Mikesch, Klaus Wyborny and Heinz Emigholz–simultaneously filmed the rooms and furnishings of the villa in their own specific styles. Read More »

      Colin Campbell – Dangling by Their Mouths (1981)

      In Dangling by Their Mouths, Campbell casts himself as the female lead named Anna. At first, the obvious image of the cross-dressing Campbell playing the part of Anna is quite displacing. However, by avoiding the “camp” aspects of gender bending (quite often found in videos from the 1980s), Campbell’s performance allows the viewer to suspend their disbelief until, midway through the tape, Campbell has successfully transformed into Anna. Read More »

        Meredith Monk – Book of Days (1989)

        From Jennifer Dunning’s 1990 review in The New York Times:
        “Meredith Monk has been an anomaly for much of her 27-year career as a composer and choreographer, creating dances that were operas, operas that were dances and mythic theater pieces that were operas and dances. To complicate matters, Ms. Monk is also a filmmaker. In Book of Days, she has created a film that is essentially a moving picture. Read More »

          Marwa Arsanios – Have you ever killed a bear? or Becoming Jamila (2014)

          A video that uses the history of a magazine – Cairo’s Al-Hilal ‘50s and ‘60s collection – as the starting point for an inquiry into Jamila Bouhired, the Algerian freedom fighter. An actress designated to play her role is showing the magazine’s covers to the camera. From the different representations of Jamila in cinema to her assimilation and promotion through the magazine, the performance attempts to look at the history of socialist projects in Egypt, anti-colonial wars in Algeria, and the way they have promoted and marginalized feminist projects. Read More »

            Marina Abramovic & Ulay – Relation Work (1976 – 1979)

            Relation Work, 1976-1979: 14 performances
            Contents: Relation in space — Talking about similarity — Breathing in, breathing out — Imponderabilia — Expansion in space — Relation in movement — Relation in time — Light/Dark — Balance proof — AAA-AAA — Incision — Kaiserschnitt — Charged space — Three.

            Performance art pieces illustrating art in confrontation with life and the individual versus the universal by early performance artists, Ulay and Marina Abramovic. 1996. 148 min. Read More »

              Marina Abramovic – Four Performances (1975-1976)

              4 Performances by Marina Abramovic, 1975-1976

              Art must be beautiful, Artist must be beautiful.

              Freeing the voice

              Freeing the memory

              Freeing the body.

              Galerie Mike Steiner, Berlin, December, 1976. Read More »