Walter Hugo Khouri – O Palácio dos Anjos aka The Palace of Angels (1970)



In São Paulo, the greedy Bárbara is not happy with her work in a loan and investment company. When her boss Ricardo invites Bárbara for a meeting at his apartment, he harasses her first and then he fires her. When Bárbara is walking on the sidewalk, a stranger offers a ride to downtown for her. While driving, the driver Rose offers a job in a brothel to Bárbara promising a very high income to her. When Bárbara arrives home, she tells the offer she had to her friends Mariazinha and Ana Lúcia. The trio decides to visit the place but they do not like the situation of being treated like objects. They decide to steal the database of the wealthy clients of Ricardo and offer their services in the own apartment. Sooner Bárbara invests a large amount improving the location that is known as “The Palace of the Angels”. Along the days they raise lots of money satisfying the fantasies of their clients but Mariazinha can’t stand the situation and returns to her hometown. Now Bárbara and Ana Lúcia
— Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (IMDb). Continue reading

Walter Hugo Khouri – O Corpo Ardente aka The Burning Body (1966)

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Márcia is a married woman with a son. She finds that her husband has an affair. She cheats him too and decides to go to Itaipava with her son. A black horse, free in the fields, attracts her. In the end, she comes back home and memories come back while watching the footage made by her son. Continue reading