William A. Fraker – Monte Walsh (1970) (DVD)


By Roger Ebert / October 13, 1970

“Monte Walsh” is as lovely a Western as I’ve seen in a long time. Like a lot of recent Westerns, it’s about the end of the old West. “Monte,” a friend says to Lee Marvin, “do you realize how many cowpunchers there were out here 10 years ago? Well there’s a hell of a lot less now. And no jobs for them.” And so Monte Walsh, 50ish, thinks in a rather disorganized way of getting into some other line of work and maybe even getting married.

The thing that helps make up his mind for him is when his best friend Chet (Jack Palance) gives up cowpunching, moves into town and marries the “hardware widow.” Chet’s wedding starts Monte thinking about marrying the town whore (Jeanne Moreau), who has never taken a penny from him and who clearly loves him. Continue reading