Witold Lesiewicz – Boleslaw Smialy AKA King Boleslaus the Bold (1972)



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The Polish “Becket”
3 June 2005 | by steven-222 (Berkeley, CA, USA)

This costume epic takes place in 1079 and portrays the power struggle between the king of Poland, Boleslaus the Bold, and the Bishop of Cracow. It seems Boleslaus has gotten a little heavy-handed with issuing death penalties, and even worse, he’s in love with a woman other than his queen, whom he married purely for politics. The bishop threatens excommunication; the king threatens to behead him. Something’s gotta give!

The crown-church conflict is a bit reminiscent of the clash portrayed in the prestigious 1964 movie BECKET with Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, which was made a few years before KING BOLESLAUS THE BOLD and perhaps inspired its production. (The historical events in BECKET actually took place about a hundred years after the events in BOLESLAUS.) BECKET benefited from two world-class actors in the leads and a script from a play by the great Jean Anouilh, and in those departments BOLESLAUS definitely suffers by comparison. Continue reading Witold Lesiewicz – Boleslaw Smialy AKA King Boleslaus the Bold (1972)