Yuli Raizman – Kommunist (Коммунист) AKA The Communist (1958)

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Synopsis: In 1919 workers arrive by train in the middle of the Taiga in order to construct a town. They fell trees and unload bricks from the train for that purpose. The newly arrived hero Vasilij is made chief of the depot, meets hostility and has to put down corruption. (In one scene he searches the the foreman and finds a few nails hidden in his pocket.) Vasilij shares a cabin with other workers and a couple who sleep in a corner of the room behind a curtain. He falls in love with the woman and secretly meets her and makes her pregnant. Counter-revolutionaries (so I guess) try to prevent the building of the town, but Vasilij persists in felling more trees and by his example gets the other workers to join him. His relationship with the woman is discovered and the woman is beaten, bound and imprisoned. Vasilij rescues her, she flees to a beautiful modern clinic and gives birth. The counter-revolutionairies set the town on fire and kill Vasilij who meats a very heroic death in the mud. At his funeral the village kommissar holds a speech. The woman’s husband tries to win her back, but she refuses. Continue reading Yuli Raizman – Kommunist (Коммунист) AKA The Communist (1958)

Yuli Raizman – A Esli Eto Lyubov? AKA But What If This Is Love? (1961)


Description:The film is about friendship and incipient love between ten-form schoolchildren Ksenia and Boris. Rude and hypocritical interference of the people around, who saw platitide and even lechery in their feelings, spoilt their relationship, inflicted heavy spiritual trauma, destroyed their feeling, which could have grown into real big love. Continue reading Yuli Raizman – A Esli Eto Lyubov? AKA But What If This Is Love? (1961)