Zbynek Brynych – Die Weibchen AKA Femmine carnivore AKA The Females (1970)



‘Eve is an overworked secretary who has been sent to take a cure in the institution of Doctor Barbara in the remote town of Bad Marein. Upon her arrival and during the following days Eve notices the complete absence of men except for the overweight groundskeeper Adam and the town’s head of police.
When a group of three man make their way to the town and into the arms of the many females of the sanatorium Eve has a terrible thought. Because one of them does not show up the next morning the suspects the inmates being responsible for the murder. Continue reading

Zbynek Brynych – Já, spravedlnost Aka I, Justice Aka Als Hitler den Krieg überlebte (1967)


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I, Justice (Czech: Já, spravedlnost; German: Als Hitler den Krieg überlebte [If Hitler Would Have Survived the War]) is a 1968 Czechoslovak psychological thriller, directed by Zbyněk Brynych.
At 1946, during the Nuremberg Trials, the Czecholsovak physician Doctor Heřman is abducted by a mysterious organization. To his horror, Heřman discovers that he is to treat Adolf Hitler, whose suicide in 1945 was faked. Hitler now lives in an isolated sanatorium in Germany, surrounded by his ostensibly loyal followers, a group of former high-ranking Nazis. But those men blame him for Germany’s defeat and destruction, and have decided that a single death is not satisfactory punishment for Hitler. Rather, he is made to believe that the Second World War is still being fought.. Continue reading

Zbynek Brynych – O Happy Day aka Seventeen & Anxious aka Heiße Teens aus gutem Haus (1970)


Synopsis (courtesy of Rovi):

Seventeen and Anxious was also released as O Happy Day. The film’s alternate title is a reference to a popular gospel song, which is performed often in the course of the action. The film’s official title alludes to the coming of age experienced by its youthful protagonists. The younger actors are green but eager to please, while the veterans in the supporting cast-including Nadja Tiller and Karl Michael Vogler-help make the film palatable for those among us not politely inclined to nervous teenagers. The film’s R rating is admittedly necessary, but should not suggest that the film is overtly offensive. Continue reading

Zbynek Brynych & Jerzy Skolimowski & Peter Solan – Dialóg 20-40-60 (1968)


This film is an experiment. One dialogue, three filmmakers, three stories. Jerzy Skolimowski (Polish), Peter Solan (Slovak), and Zbynek Brynych (Czech) created their variations of the same conversation. Focusing on couples in their twenties, forties, and sixties, these three inventive sketches illustrate the emotional interaction between a man and a woman. Continue reading

Zbynek Brynych – …a páty jezdec je Strach aka The Fifth Horseman is Fear (1965)


Renata Alder, The New York Times wrote:
So beautifully and thoughtfully made — well written and acted, shot with perfect economy and care—that one is almost surprised at the end to be very much moved by the substance of it.” Continue reading