Movie Request

1) Please Search before making a request.
2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 2 requests please.


  1. Saat el Tahrir Dakkat, Barra ya Isti Mar / The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived (1974)
    Thank you!

  2. Thavamai Thavamiruntu (2005)
    Thank you!

  3. Hi worldscinema,

    I am searching for — Fragile (2014, Shingo Ohta)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Nestor delgado morales

    Please, Sarah Maldoror’s “Aimé Césaire – un homme une terre” (1976). Link:


  5. Nestor delgado morales

    Please, Sarah Maldoror’s “Et les chiens se taisaient” (1974). LinK:


  6. Tinta Roja (2000), with subs Thank u in advance!

  7. Verspätung In Marienborn (1963) imdb url is :

  8. Der Richter Und Sein Henker (1975)

    You have ?

  9. How about
    Goodbye Dragon Inn


  10. Hunting Scenes from Bavaria (1969)

    thank you

  11. Is there any chance for Doillon’s “Amoureuse” with English subtitles?:
    I’ve looked and looked for it for ages without any results…

  12. Cold Spring (Kalter Frühling) 2004, Dominik Graf

  13. The Spirit Doesn’t Come Anymore (Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, 1997)

    Thank you

  14. When Hari Got Married (Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam, 2013)

    Thank you

  15. The Lone Wolf In Mexico (1947) —-

  16. Jean-Bernard Lucas


    I remember that, a few months ago, you have put, on your web site, the following movie which is not available anymore : Fog Line by Larry Gottheim (1970).

    Could you put it back ?

    Many thanks in advance (and all my congratulations for the marvels you offer us each day).

    Truly yours,

    J-B Lucas

  17. and 2) Josep by Aurel

    Thanks a lot

  18. Hi, I have 2 requests:

    1) The Tower (2017) by Mats Grorud

  19. Any chance for some nice quality rip of Ferreri’s THE MAN WITH THE BALLOONS?:

  20. Hi there, looking for Patardzlebi (Brides) from 2014 Thanks in advance for any help!

  21. Ann Hui –
    “Tin shui wai dik ye yu mo / Night and Fog (2009)”

  22. Ann Hui –
    “Jin ye xing guang can lan / Starry is the Night (1988)”

  23. Hi,

    I’m looking for:

    “The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums” (Kenji Mizoguchi, 1939)

    Many thanks in advance!

  24. Hi,

    Star Spangled Banner (1971) (Short Film)

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi,

    Those Who Wear Glasses (1969) (Original Title: Szemüvegesek)

    Thanks a lot.

  26. number 2 is :

    Song Of The Open Road

    thx !!!

  27. Hello,

    Can you help me with the following 2 movies :


  28. May i request Mayor (2020) by David Osit, please. It’s available on streaming in england and united states since february 16, 2021.

    My second request is Angels Are Made of Light (2018) its available on Ovid Tv and Hoopla Digital.

    Thank you so much.

  29. Shoot To Kill (1988)
    directed by Roger Spottiswoode

  30. Sleuth (1972)
    directed by Joseph Mankiewicz

  31. and
    “The Criminals V – The Teenager’s Nightmare” (1977)

  32. “Nomads” by John McTiernan :

  33. “Hanging Garden” by Toshiaki Toyoda (2005) :

  34. Ellery Queen Master Detective –

  35. The Seventh Survivor –

    you have this one in good quality ?

  36. and

    The Human Factor (from 1979)


  37. Hi,

    Im looking for :

    A Table For One (from 1999)

  38. El sacrificio de Nehuén Puyelli (José Celestino Campusano, 2016)

    Thank you once again.

  39. Rafael Gil: La Guerra de Dios (1953) – with Eng subtitles

    thank you!

  40. Hi, can I request Leaving No Trace (2000) also known as Sin Dejar Huella by Maria Novaro thanks

  41. Yun shui yao AKA The Knot ( Li Yin, 2006)

    Thank you

  42. Land of Fear (1999)
    with English subtitles please 🙂