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1) Please Search before making a request .
2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 2 requests please.


  1. La citadelle engloutie (1983(
    thanks 🙂

  2. May I please request:

    1) Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist (1979) –

    2) Gap-Toothed Women (1987) –

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Sensei wo ryûzan saseru-kai
    Let´s make the teacher have a miscarriage-club (2011)

    Thanks so much!

  4. “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby”
    TV Mini-Series (1982) {probably the best ever version of this Dickens novel}

  5. Hachiko Monogatari (1987) Thanks!

  6. Follow the sun 1951

    Thank you in advance…

  7. Hello,
    I’m looking for the movie
    Uwaki na bokura (2001) Naughty Boys

    First Love (2007) – Hatsu-koi (original title)

    The Secret to My Silky Skin (2014)

    and finally
    Berlin Drifters (2017)

    Thank you very much. You are the best !

  8. Hello is it possible to find :

    Five Obstructions

    ? It is an interesting rethinking of the “perfect human” already present on your site,

    Thanks much

  9. After the Rehearsal (1984) by Bergman

  10. The Farmer AKA The Farmer and I (Irja von Bernstorff, 2016)

    Thank you

  11. Ya Ya AKA The Slave Girl (1979)

    Thank you

  12. The Exquisite Corpus (2015)

  13. thank you for uploading Brother’s Keeper (1992)

    Now my second request are Jay Myself (2019) – actually is available on streaming called ovid tv but i don’t have account, i’m very grateful if you uploading here. Thanks in advance.

  14. Hello,

    I’d like to request Sherman’s March.

    Thank you kindly in advance.

  15. Please drop the subs for “Father is a dog”. They are impossible to find.

  16. Insutôru or Install (2004)

    Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  17. O Lucky Man (Lindsay Anderson 1973 PLEASE

  18. Dulcinea (1962), with subs Thank you & keep up the great work 🙂

  19. not a film request but the files here won’t extract, i’ve tried so many different apps but it just won’t, can you recommend me an app to extract those files or see if theres a problem?
    thank you so much for all this effort.

  20. Bai mao niu AKA The white yak (2016)

    Thank you

  21. Les Misérables (2019) by Ladj Ly (

  22. The Dreamed Ones (2016) / Ruth Beckermann

  23. Peggy and Fred in Hell: The Complete Cycle (2002) Thank You.

  24. Yervant Gianikian –

    I diari di Angela – Noi due cineasti (2018)

    I diari di Angela: Noi due cineasti. Capitolo secondo (2019)

  25. Thank you first and foremost for all your great work.

    May I please request
    S.O.S. (1999) -

    Thank you and Happy New Year 🙂

  26. Ed wood : look back in angora

    I hope you have 🙂

  27. Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses



    River of fundment
    Matthew barney

  29. An Englishman’s Home (1940)

    thanks a lot !

  30. Belonging (Aidiyet) (Burak Cevik, 2019)

  31. Haqeeqat AKA Reality (Chetan Anand, 1964)

    Thank you

  32. No specific film however please consider posting more works by the filmmaker Harun Farocki. Thank you kindly.

  33. Hi, can I request Leaving No Trace (2000) also known as Sin Dejar Huella by Maria Novaro thanks

  34. Yun shui yao AKA The Knot ( Li Yin, 2006)

    Thank you

  35. Etsba Elohim / Out of the Blue (2008)


  36. Land of Fear (1999)
    with English subtitles please 🙂

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