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1) Please Search before making a request .
2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 3 requests


  1. Beregis, zmey! (1979)

    Thank you very much!

  2. Gavagai (2016) –

    With English subtitle, thanks for advance.

  3. And for my third request of the week, I’d like Dead Man’s Shoes (1940)

    Thanks again!

  4. I would also like to request Temptation Harbor (1947)

  5. Thank you so much for the Márta Mészáros films!

    I would like to request another film by her, The Girl (1968)

  6. Please upload Les Chemins de Katmandou (1969) Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin

  7. Mishing AKA The Aparition (Bobby Sarma Baruah, 2018)

    Thank you

  8. The Red Phallus (Tashi Gyeltshen, 2018)

    Thank you

  9. A Better Road (Juan Aguilar, 2012)

    Thank you

  10. Hello. I would like to request “Valkoinen peura” (1952).

  11. Ogro from Gillo Pontecorvo please.
    Thank you

  12. Queimada von Gillo Pontecorvo Please.
    Thank you ahead.

  13. Zelimir Zilnik –
    “Tvrdjava Evropa / The Fortress Europe (2000)”

  14. Any chance of uploading Mariano Llinas, La Flor: ?

    That would be absolutely fantastic, thanks a lot in advance!

  15. Can you upload :
    “House of Cards” by John Guillermin


  16. And for my third request of the week I would like Kisvilma – Az utolsó napló aka Little Vilna: The Last Diary (1990) Thank you once again!

  17. Xi zhang tian kong AKA Phurbu & Tenzin (Dongyu Fu, 2014)


  18. Pawo (Marvin Litwak and Sonam Tseten, 2016)


  19. The Next Guardian (Arun Bhattarai and Dorottya Zurbó, 2017)


  20. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, Jonas Mekas “Salvador Dali at work” (1964)

  21. Die Betörung der blauen Matrosen (1975)


  22. Suna no ue no shokubutsu-gun 1964 nakahira ko

    A Room of Her Own: Rei Naito and Light (2015)
    Aekanaru heya: Naitou Rei to, hikaritachi

  24. if you can upload films of Rouzbeh rashidi likephantom islands it would be great

  25. Bathtubs Over Broadway (2018) is release on DVD and Blu Ray since April 09, but is hard to find, please upload, thanks

  26. Zelimir Zilnik –
    “Gde je bio Kenedi 2 godine / Kenedi, Lost and Found (2005)”

  27. “L’impossible – Pages arrachées” (Sylvain George, 2009)
    Thanks !

  28. Bait (Mark Jenkin, 2019)

  29. Holiday (2018) dir. Isabella Eklöf

  30. Zivorad ‘Zika’ Mitrovic –
    “Savamala (1982)”

  31. The World (2009) by Takashi Makino

    If anyone finds this, thank you so much.

  32. Drokpa, the Last Tibetan Nomads (Yan Chun Su, 2016)

    Thank you

  33. Fashion! – Antifashion (2012)

    Thank you

  34. Multiple Personality Detective Psycho – Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns 2000 takashi miike

  35. “No Greater Love” (1943) by Fridrikh Ermler with English subtitles? The imdb linik is:

  36. City Life (1990)

    Thank you very much!

  37. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, Volya: Evgeniy Yufit “Volya” (1994) :


  38. La jungla interior (2013)
    thank you!

  39. Les Estivants from Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi Please if you can.
    Thank you

  40. request

    Dolphins (1999)
    Director: Farhad Yawari

  41. River song (Sange Dorjee Thongdok, 2018)


  42. Sujit Jalalalalalallalallalalalimaneemann
  43. Request

    (La femme au couteau) The Woman with the Knife (1969)
    Director: Timité Bassori

  44. Irving Rapper –
    “The Christine Jorgensen Story (1970)”

  45. 1962 My Country Land (Partha Borgohain, 2016)

    Thank you

  46. Keep That Dream Burning by Rainer Kohlberger

  47. Balangiga: Howling Wilderness (2017)


  48. The last Boat – CITY LIFE – Budapest (1990)

    Thank you very much!

  49. Vertige de la page blanche AKA vertigo of the blank page 2003

  50. Utamaro’s World (1977) – director Akio Jissoji


  51. Les Fils du Vent 2012 Film about Gypsy musicians.

  52. The Pink Egg (2017) by Jim Trainor

  53. Can you find The Games Men Play (1963) aka La Cigarra no es un bicho?

  54. White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild


  55. 24 Frames per second by Taka IIMURA :

    If you can, it’ll be great.
    Thanks a lot

  56. I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead (Beatrice Gibson, 2018)

  57. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, King Vidor “The Fountainhead”


  58. A child’s garden and the serious sea 1991

  59. Request – The Art of Time (2017)


  60. On Her Shoulders (2018)

    Thanks so much

  61. It has to be lived once and dreamed twice (2019)

    thank you!

  62. Víctor Erice: Abbas Kiarostami: Correspondencias (2016)

    Thank you very much!

  63. Venice 70: Future Reloaded (2013)

    Thank you very much!

  64. LES MAISONS DE FEU / HOUSES OF FIRE (2010) Antoine Barraud

  65. Request – Hikari sasu umi, boku no fune (2008)


  66. Hello. I would like to request “Mitasareta Seikatsu”(1962). Thank you in advance!

  67. Ai Weiwei: Without Fear or Favour (2010)

  68. Illuminated Texts (1982) directed by R. Bruce Elder please

  69. Could you please find and upload this :
    Qui trop embrasse

    Directed by JUN ICHIKAWA

  71. My brother’s name is Robert and he’s an idiot (2018)

  72. Ce qui nous éloigne (2016) by Wei Hu starring Isabelle Huppert

  73. Amori che non sanno stare al mondo (2017)

    Thank you!

  74. sleep has her house (2007)
    thank you

  75. It would be great if you found this one, I have been searching in vain for a long time:

    Bajo La Rosa

  76. Shigehiro Ozawa –
    “Sân ike kangôku: kyo akû han / Three Lakes Prison: Widespread Brutality (1973)”

  77. The Illiac Passion by Markopoulos (1967) –
    will be amazing ! or another film by Markopoulos…
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your wonderful work on this blog.

  78. Nihon no seishun (1968) M. Kobayashi

  79. Please add Don’t Look at Me That Way (2015)

  80. Looking for the documentary ‘Parajanov: The Last Spring’ (1992)
    Thank you!

  81. “Galveson” (2018) by Mélanie Laurent please. Thank you!

  82. “À propos de… l’autre détail” (1984-1988) by René Vautier

  83. Hollandse Nieuwe AKA Raw Herring
    Thank you

  84. Shan Hua / Chih-Hung Kuei –
    “Xiang Gang qi an 3: Lao ye che zong huo mou sha an / Arson: The Criminals, Part 3 (1977)”

  85. Division Movement to Vungtau (2017. Benjamin Crotty & Bertrand Dezoteux)

  86. The Child and the Soldier (2000)
    Koudak va sarbaz (original title)

  87. El tango del viudo 1967 (english subs if possible pls)

  88. The Annihilation of Fish (1999)
    Thank You!

  89. Berlin Drifters (2017) by Japanese pinku eiga veteran Koichi Imaizumi

    Thanks for this site

  90. Looking for Blue (2002) by Hiroshi Ando – – english subtitled

  91. Can you upload Ava (Sadaf Foroughi, 2017) I have searched for a lot but have often been confused by Léa Mysius’ work with the same title. I will be very indebted if you find it, thanks for advance

  92. Tarzan and Jane Regained… Sort of, by Andy Warhol (1964)

  93. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, Margaret Tait “A portrait of Ga”


  94. Hello, do you have
    Enclosed Pain (2000) AKA Tojiru hi ?

  95. Looking for this one:
    Der Prozeß – Eine Darstellung des Majdanek-Verfahrens in Düsseldorf (1984).


  96. Yuki Onna a.k.a. Snow Woman (Kiki Sugino, 2016, 95″)

  97. Can you upload Ava (Sadaf Foroughi, 2017) I have searched for a lot but have often been confused by Léa Mysius’ work with the same title. I will be very indebted if you find it, thanks for advance

  98. Love Is In The Green Wind (Miyoji Ieki, 1974, 93″)

  99. Peter Brunner’s To the Night

  100. Could you please upload this film if possible?

    Survival Family (サバイバルファミリー Sabaibaru famirī) is a 2017 Japanese drama/comedy directed by Shinobu Yaguchi.

    Thank you

  101. Request: The Court Of Miracles (John Maybury, 1982, 40″)

  102. L’Homme Sans Visage AKA The Man Without A Face 1975


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