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2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 2 requests please.


  1. El extraño caso del doctor Fausto (1969)

  2. Hey! Not sure if either of these are floating around out there, but would really appreciate either of these Niki de Saint Phalle related films: Un rêve plus long que la nuit (1976) and Niki de Saint Phalle: Wer ist das Monster – du oder ich? (1995, dir Peter Schamoni). Thanks also for running this site, hooked me up with some stuff I thought I’d never see and saved god knows how much on import DVDs….

  3. Adanggaman (2000) by Roger Gnoan M’Bala

    Thank you very much

  4. science is fiction the films of jean painleve 2007

  5. ? and his other films too
    thank you so much

  6. Keisuke Kinoshita –
    “Kôge – Ichibu: Waremokô no shô / The Scent of Incense (1964)”

  7. Memory Lane (2010) de Mikhael Hers

  8. Hi. I don’t want to come across as impatient, but I’m not sure about the status of one of my requests.

    On December 2nd I requested two films by Andrzej Barański, in two separate messages.

    You responded to one of my requests and uploaded the film, but there is still no response to the other request. Does that mean you’re still searching for it?

    Is it OK to make two new requests, or should I wait until you respond to the December 2nd request?

    Thank you.

  9. Science Is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painleve (2007)

  10. The Red Badge of Courage (John Huston, 1951), please

  11. Henry May Long (2008)

    Director: Randy Sharp (as Randall Sharp)
    Writer: Randy Sharp (as Randall Sharp)
    Stars: Christian Camargo, Joe Fuer, Brian Barnhart

    Thanks a lot!!!

  12. Singing from the Roof of the World (Wenjie Wang, 2014)

    Thank you

  13. Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel (2004) ?
    thank you

  14. Please
    Días de Otoño
    Dir. Roberto Gavaldón

  15. Siglo ng pagluluwal (2011)

    Thank you very much!

  16. Eo-ddeon bang-moon (2009)

    Thank you very much!

  17. Joker (2019) if it has the korean subs on it don’t bother to upload and Lux Æterna (2019) if it’s out there.

  18. The Sun Also Rises (1957) if possible w/ audio commentary by Patricia King Hanson and Frank Thompson Thanks!

  19. {Please post the following movie:
    Tarzan Testicles, By Alexander Solomon, Romania

  20. The Unknown Soldier
    (different version than the one already posted)
    with english subtitles

  21. Bonbone (2017):

    Please upload 720p or 1080p


    And please upload the english subtitle (if it exist)


  22. Promises written in water – Vincent Gallo

  23. the body remembers when the world broke open (2019)

  24. Cianan Allen-Meyer

    Looking for True Heart Susie and A Romance of Happy Valley by DW Griffith.

    Thanks 🙂

  25. Oktyabr / October (1993)
    Thank you!

  26. The Voice of Water ‘Mizu no koe wo kiku’ by Masashi Yamamoto

  27. Woman Transformation (2006)

    Thank you!

  28. Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III (Kidlat Tahimik, 2015)


  29. Film Noir (original title : Koroshi) (2000)

    Flic (2005)
    Both with eng subs.

    Thank you so much.

  30. second and last request a.k.a. The Hit-and-Run Family


  31. Hi worldscinema,

    Please post it if you find it. Thank you.

  32. Benoît Lanthelme

    Audrius Stonys – Skrajojimai melynam lauke AKA Flying Over Blue Field, 2001 (

  33. Ondog (2019), with subs (or is it too early!?) Thank u anyway!

  34. Sleep Has Her House – Scott Barley (2016):

    Thank you!

  35. I’d like to request Andrzej Barański’s Kobieta z prowincji (Woman from the Provinces) (1985) with English subtitles, please.

    Thank you.

  36. Etre Vivant et le Savoir par Cavallier 2019

    Thanx for all your films and efforts dear friends!

  37. Cianan Allen-Meyer

    More of Raul Ruiz’s films, please.

    Thank you!!!

  38. No specific film however please consider posting more works by the filmmaker Harun Farocki. Thank you kindly.

  39. Hi, can I request Leaving No Trace (2000) also known as Sin Dejar Huella by Maria Novaro thanks

  40. Yun shui yao AKA The Knot ( Li Yin, 2006)

    Thank you

  41. Etsba Elohim / Out of the Blue (2008)


  42. Land of Fear (1999)
    with English subtitles please 🙂

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