Movie Request

1) Please Search before making a request .
2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 2 requests please.


  1. Cartesius (1974)

    Thank you very much!

  2. L’età di Cosimo de Medici (1972)

    Thank you very much!

  3. 19 or Nineteen – 1987, dir. Kensho Yamashita

    big thanks!

  4. Vredens dag (1943) if possible w/ audio commentary by Casper Tybjerg Thanks!

  5. « Montana blues » – 1995- Jean pierre Bisson

  6. Aparajito

  7. Please upload Zeiram 2 (1994), Japanese with English subs


  8. The Fireman’s Ball, dir. Milos Forman, 1967
    Thank you! <3

  9. Thank you for the Suzuki. Also looking for: Chambara: The Art of Japanese Swordplay
    Thanks again.

  10. Sion Sono's Sticky Splooge

    My second and final request. a.k.a. The Wicked Reporter 3: The One That Got Away (1996 d. Rokuro Mochizuki)

    Thank you and God Bless we small people appreciate it.

  11. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, The Otolith Group “Hydra Decapita” (2010). Link:


  12. “Il Ragazzo-motore” (1967)
    Paola Faloja

  13. Sion Sono's Shriveled Sack

    Hi worldscinema,

    I am searching for KT a.k.a. Killing the Target (2002)

    Best wishes. We appreciate it.

  14. Humble request #1:

    Women Are Naturally Creative: Agnès Varda (1977)

  15. Suburban Birds – Qiu Sheng (2018)

    Thank you.

  16. Please, could you find: In My Room, 2018, by Ulrich Köhler

  17. May I please request

    The Spirit of the Navajos (1966) –
    Oeufs d’épinoche (1929) –
    Les danseuses de mer (1960) –

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the uploaded Navajo short films as well!!

  18. My last request…
    Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes (2018), Graham L. Carter
    Thank you

  19. Kindly requesting
    In My Room (2018), Ulrich Köhler
    Thank you

  20. I kindly request
    Zauberer (2018), Sebastian Brauneis
    Thank you

  21. Atlantique (2019) would be great! Thanks!

  22. Piranhas (2019) would be great! Thanks!

  23. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) would be great! Thanks!

  24. Roukli 2015
    Director: Veiko Õunpuu

  25. And my last one:
    The Load (2018), directed by Ognjen Glavonić
    Thank you!

  26. La chute de l’empire américain (2018)

  27. Me vkhedav mzes / I See the Sun (Lana Gogoberidze, 1965)

    Thank you!

  28. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, João Pedro Rodrigues, “Viagem à Expo” (1998)



  29. Hello.
    Could you please upload the movie
    “Paradise Murder” a 2007 Korean Movie
    Directed by Han-min Kim
    Thank you very much

  30. Lohit Diary (Ramchandra P.N., 2015)

    Thank you

  31. Trembling Mountain (Kesang Tseten, 2016)

    Thank you

  32. Silencio en la tierra de los sueños (2013)

  33. Hungry Hearts (2014), by Saverio Costanzo
    In 1080p or 720p if possible?
    Thank you!

  34. Amazing Grace
    Year: 2018
    Directed by: Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack
    Stars: Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland
    IMDb link:

    Please upload a documentary about the best concert of Aretha Franklin that has been long awaited since the decade of the 70s. Thanks in advance.

  35. Tokyo: The Last War / Teito taisen (1989)
    Thank you!

  36. Céllövölde (Cellovolde; SHOOTING GALLERY) 1990

  37. Mario Caragliano

    Can you upload Begotten by Elias Merhige, 1991; perhaps a 1080p?


  38. Janička (2017) Jeannette, l’enfance de Jeanne d’Arc :

  39. Dronningen 2019

    Please Upload this Movie .

  40. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, Shirley Clarke & D.A. Pennebaker, “Brussels Loops” (1957). Link:


  41. Trois jours en Grèce / Three Days in Greece (Jean-Daniel Pollet, 1991)

    Thank you!

  42. Jobe’z World (2018), Michael M. Bilandic please.

  43. Xing fu hua yuan AKA Garden of Happiness (Sha Sun, 1999)

    Thank you

  44. Parallel Parking (Aby Rao, 2018)

    Thank you

  45. Ritoma AKA Slam Dunk Ritoma (Ruby Yang, 2018)

    Thank you

  46. May I please request Kent Jones’ Diane (2018)
    Thank you!

  47. Fourteen (2019), by Dan Sallitt please

  48. Never Eat Alone (2016), by Sofia Bohdanowicz please
    Thank you

  49. Young Solitudes (2018) – Premières solitudes – by Claire Simon, please.
    Thank you

  50. Please and thank you!! GEORGIA (1995, Ulu Grosbard):

  51. Hi, can I kindly request:

    – Sin Dejar Huella (2000)
    – Shadow Magic (2000)
    – Teknolust (2002)

    Thanks a lot.

  52. Neige (1981)

    w/ English subs if possible. Many thanks!

  53. Revayate moalagh (short film)

  54. Etsba Elohim / Out of the Blue (2008)


  55. Land of Fear (1999)
    with English subtitles please 🙂

  56. Hi, can you upload Saccred Memory 1996

  57. Sandino (1991), with english subs please Thank u in advance 🙂

  58. Ojô Okichi (1935)

    Thank you very much!

  59. Berlin-Yerushalaim (1989), Amos Gitai.


  60. Ne touchez pas le hache AKA The Duchess of Langeais (Jacques Rivette, 2007)

    Thanks in advance.

  61. Zivorad ‘Zika’ Mitrovic –
    “Savamala (1982)”

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