Jacques Tati – Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot AKA Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday [Director’s Cut, Restored] (1953)



Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday was the film that brought Tati international acclaim. It also launched his on-screen alter ego, the courteous, well-meaning, eternally accident-prone Monsieur Hulot, with whom Tati would from now on be inseparably associated. Chaos ensues when a sleepy French coastal resort is invaded by holidaymakers in energetic pursuit of fun. As the prologue to this comedy warns us, there is little plot, but instead a seamless succession of gently mocking studies in human absurdity. (BFI) Read More »

Amleto Palermi – Carnevalesca (1918)



Carnevalesca with the beautiful Lydia Borelli is divided in to 4 parts, the white carnival, the innocent and pure childhood, the blue carnival love & youth, the red carnival the violent and destructive passion, the black carnival, death and madness. Read More »

Mel Welles & Aureliano Luppi – La figlia di Frankenstein AKA Lady Frankenstein [Uncut] (1971)



When Dr. Frankenstein is killed by a monster he created, his daughter and his lab assistant Marshall continue his experiments Read More »

Tolga Örnek – Kaybedenler Kulübü AKA The Losers’ Club (2011)

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‘The Losers’ Club’ brings shock jocks of 1990s’ Istanbul back to life.

In his second feature, director and writer Tolga Örnek brings to screen one of the most controversial radio shows of the 1990s and its two bad-boy hosts. ‘Kaybedenler Kulübü’ stars Nejat İşler and Yiğit Özşener as the real-life radio personalities who shot to short-lived fame with their conversations on sex, rock’n’roll, loneliness, and nothing at all. Read More »

Tadanari Okamoto – Tadanari Okamoto Film Works Vol 4 (1961 – 1995)


Beginnings: 1932-1963

To tell Okamoto’s story from the beginning, we have to make a short detour
to talk about Tadahito Mochinaga, the legendary father of Japanese stop-motion
animated filmmaking. Mochinaga had started out working under Mitsuyo Seo,
and had left Japan for Manchuria just before the end of the war, where he found
himself in demand for his animation knowhow. (To learn more about his fruitful
China period, I refer you to an outstanding article on Mochinaga by Kosei Ono on AWN.) Read More »

Roy Ward Baker – Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)

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In Victorian London, young Dr. Jekyll attempts to create an Elixir of Life using female hormones stolen from the glands of fresh corpses. But when Jekyll drinks the experimental potion himself, he is transformed into a beautiful woman with an unstoppable taste for mayhem. Can both fiends share a rampage of ghastly murder and perverse desire, or will the ultimate battle of the sexes rage within Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde?

Ralph Bates (Horror of Frankenstein, Lust for a Vampire) and Martine Beswick (Thunderball, One Million Years B.C.) star in this gender-bending twist on the classic tale that horror fans consider one of the most provocative shockers in Hammer history – presented here complete and uncut, with footage not seen in the original U.S. theatrical release. Read More »

Alex Stapleton – Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)


Plot / Synopsis

Blue jeans, sock-hops and drive-in movies: the Fifties were America’s age of innocence. But stalking the depths of its post-nuclear bliss, mass paranoia became fuel for Joseph McCarthy’s brand of Red Scare terror propaganda. Bomb shelters were a deluxe feature in every American home, government-sponsored educational reels promised an imminent nuclear threat from across the Atlantic, and Hollywood, Babylon of the western world, hung on the brink of collapse. It was here, in the last-ditch machinations of a dying juggernaut, that a mild-mannered, civil engineer’s son would become the most influential force in modern moviemaking. Corman’s World tracks the triumphant rise of Hollywood’s most prolific writer-director-producer, the true godfather of independent filmmaking. — (C) Official Site Read More »