Michel Ocelot – Princes et princesses (2000)


Synopsis from AMG:
In this episodic animated fantasy from France, an art teacher interprets a series of six fairy tales (each involving a prince or princess) with the help of two precocious students. Princes et Princesses was created using a special style of cutout animation, with black silhouetted characters performing the action against backlit backdrops in striking colors. Produced in 1989, Princes et Princesses was first released in Europe in 2000 and received its first screening in North America at the 2000 Toronto Film Festival. — Mark Deming Read More »

Nando Cicero – Il gatto mammone (1975)


Typical Italian comedy from the 70’s, 17 February 2005
Author: garypayton20 from Italy

A classic Italian comedy from the 70s, when the sexuality was getting more explicit and usually mixed with funny misunderstandings. It’s the story of a man (Lando Buzzanca) whose wife cannot get pregnant, so they decide to “adopt” a mother girl and to ask her to help them…you can imagine how. It’s a funny comedy overall, not better and not worst from the Italian comedies of the time, whose cultural and social contents typical from the 50s-60s were replaced by explicit (and sometimes unappropriated ) sexuality. What i can tell you is, it’s 4.44 am here in Italy, i am watching this movie in the TV. If you ever find yourself in my situation, without sleep and without nothing to read, watch this movie….it’s OK for a night like this. Read More »

Mrinal Sen – Chorus (1975)



A small company advertises for 100 vacancies and 30,000 apply. The applicants are all from the ranks of the poor and there is a virtual riot. Everyone around is seeking for opportunities. Among them are the applicants who desperately need the job, the photographer who is busy seeking a scoop, the village moneylender who is busy exploiting the poor, the ineffective police, the employers who are advertising posts even while a six month old strike has nearly caused the workmen to become destitute. It is a story of society captured in a tiny framework of a small business. Ultimately, the workmen, the unemployed and the farmers all get to gether to protest against this exploitation… Read More »

Ugo Liberatore – Il sesso degli angeli AKA The Sex of Angels (1968)



Here’s an interesting Italian/German co-production, full of subjects from 1968 protest, recalling the two infamous “bikini thrillers”,”Interrabang” and “Top sensation”, in which three young beauties (Rosemarie Dexter, Doris Kunstmann and Laura Troschel), alluring their male friend (Bernard De Vries), embark on a journey in a luxury yacht around the coast of Yugoslavia, plenty of bedhopping, nudity and the usual hijinks occur before things take a sinister turn when they decide to lock themselves in a cabin and dose up on LSD
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Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani – Amer [+Extras] (2009)


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Amer moves relentlessly and dissonantly, and practically sans dialogue. In a gorgeous Italian manse, curiosity threatens to get the better of young Ana, tormented by the unknowable and what it reveals—or doesn’t, as is the case much of the time here. Running from the clutches of the strange woman who catches her hovering over the body of the dead man who appears to be the girl’s grandfather, she runs upstairs to her parents only to find them fucking. The camera shows them every way but upside down, bathed in green, then red, then blue—a show of grossly horned-up excitement meant to be absorbed like a blunt-force trauma. And once Ana has dutifully internalized their freakish sexcapade (her wide eyes tell no lies), it’s back to avoiding the perpetually leering gaze—and sinister clawing—of the woman who lives in the room adjacent to her sparely furnished own. Will the pocket watch she pulls from her grandfather’s brittle clutches save her or will her veiled tormentress simply use it as a means of dragging her to hell? Read More »

Vittorio De Sica – Amanti (1968)


Plot summary
Julia (Faye Dunaway), a divorced American fashion designer, is dying of a tragic, incurable disease. With only ten days to live, she spends her time vacationing in an Italian villa and watching television. She spots a TV interview with an Italian engineer Valerio (Marcello Mastroianni), who designs plastic air bags to protect passengers in automobile collisions. She recognizes his face as having met him before at the airport and calls him up to invite him over to her villa where they decide to spend the next several days together, making love. Julia’s friend Maggie (Caroline Mortimer) reappears and reveals that Julia is actually an escapee from the hospital where she was being treated for her disease. Maggie urges Julia to return to the hospital where she can die a painless death. Julia ignores her and returns to the villa and the arms of her lover. Maggie then telephones Valerio and tells him about Julia’s condition. Valerio is willing to stay for the duration but Julia is so upset by the fact that her lover knows her secret that she runs to a nearby mountaintop with the intention of committing suicide. Read More »

Pablo Larraín – No (2012)


Military dictator Augusto Pinochet calls for a referendum to decide his permanence in power in 1988, the leaders of the opposition persuade a young daring advertising executive – René Saavedra – to head their campaign. With limited resources and under the constant scrutiny of the despot’s watchmen, Saavedra and his team conceive of a bold plan to win the election and free their country from oppression. (via IMDb)
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