Christopher Maclaine – The End (1953)

Description from Beat Cinema The End is in six numbered sections, each separated by long stretches of darkness during which Maclaine speaks directly to the audience. Each of the sections is a tale of a different person on the last day of his or her life. The characters in the first three sections meet their … Continue reading Christopher Maclaine – The End (1953)

Jem Cohen – Chain (2004)

“Jem Cohen’s Chain is a hypnotic, highly original piece about what it’s like to live in the new global corporate landscape.” Daily Telegraph “Dreamlike… transforms a mundane world into something strange and new… formidable power… fierce political intelligence.” Village Voice Synopsis: As regional character disappears and corporate culture homogenizes our surroundings, it’s increasingly hard to … Continue reading Jem Cohen – Chain (2004)

Manuel Pradal – A Crime (2006)

Quote: The devastated life of a man haunted by the unsolved murder of his beloved wife is strangely complicated by the mysterious neighbor who loves him from afar in a dark noir thriller directed by Manuel Pradal and starring Norman Reedus, Emmanuelle Béart and Harvey Keitel. Vincent (Reedus)’ wife has suffered a most brutal fate, … Continue reading Manuel Pradal – A Crime (2006)

Barbara Sternberg – Like a Dream That Vanishes (1999)

“Like a Dream That Vanishes” continues Sternberg’s work in film both thematically and formally: the ephemerality of life echoed in the temporal nature of film, as the stuff of life echoed on the energy, life-force in rhythmic light pulses. (Your life is like a candle burning.) Imageless emulsion is inter-cut with brief shots of natural … Continue reading Barbara Sternberg – Like a Dream That Vanishes (1999)

Yermek Shinarbayev – Mest AKA Revenge (1989)

Quote: A child is raised in Korea to avenge the death of his father’s first child in this decades-spanning tale of obsession and violence, the third collaboration between director Ermek Shinarbaev and writer Anatoli Kim. A study of everyday evil infused with philosophy and poetry, this haunting allegory was the first Soviet film to look … Continue reading Yermek Shinarbayev – Mest AKA Revenge (1989)

Nicholas Ray – They Live by Night (1948)

John Greco wrote: Three men escape from prison, two seasoned bank robbers T-Dub (Jay C. Flippen) and Chickamaw (Howard Da Silva) along with young Bowie (Farley Granger) who was innocently convicted of murder. The three men rob a bank. When Bowie is injured he is brought to Chickamaw’s brother’s place where he meets Keechie (Cathy … Continue reading Nicholas Ray – They Live by Night (1948)