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John Reinhardt – Open Secret (1948)

It made me think of the Third Man, just the structure of how the story unfolds, like as if Rollo Martins was a married couple on their honeymoon stumbling onto the tail end of No Pockets in a Shroud.

I actually picked this up because I always love John Ireland’s villain in Railroaded. and he definitely didn’t disappoint as the he-man hero husband in this one. In fact everyone did a great job – keep a look-out for the sinister, serpentine woman & her hell-spawn spouting poison in the street, a grand single-scene supporting performance. Well I liked it anyway, I doubt she got any awards, but true artists never do! Actors like that lady prefer to live in the shadows… Read More »

Jack Donohue – Close-Up (1948)

Two newsreel reporters doing an outdoor fashion shoot accidentally film a
Nazi criminal. The Nazi is aided by clever Joe the gangster (an ex-actor gone bad!)
who uses a variety of methods to retrieve the film before it is used to identify the Nazi.
Ironically, if left unpursued, the film would have been destroyed. A few predictable but
well-placed plot twists and double-crosses round out the film.
One is left wondering how Joe would know to employ a romantic couple to run
interference for the Nazi as he exited a bank. Joe also surprises by hamming it up
with drunken nostalgia for his acting days, and whipping people with his belt. Read More »

David Lean – Oliver Twist (1948)

Based on the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist is about an orphan boy who runs away from a workhouse and meets a pickpocket on the streets of London… Read More »

Hiroshi Shimizu – Nobuko (1940)

Renowned actress/singer Takamine Mieko stars as titular heroine Nobuko, a spirited young teacher working in a conservative school. Based on a novel by Shishi Bunroku, the film follows her experiences as she challenges the school with her liberal thinking and teaching methods. Read More »

Charles Reisner – The Cobra Strikes (1948)

A scientist who has perfected a new bio-weapon, is attacked and lies in a coma. A newspaperman tries to unravel the mystery as three murders are committed by poison, all related to a set of bejeweled statues. Read More »

Louis De Rochemont – The Ramparts We Watch (1940)

America learns the value of wartime preparedness in de Rochemont’s study of World War I’s effect on average citizens (imdb) Read More »

Sidney Lanfield – The Meanest Man in the World (1943)

Richard Clarke (Benny), a small town lawyer, is not making enough money to marry Janie Brown (Lane), his fiancée. To improve himself, Richard moves to New York City. Although he does not have any clients, Richard tells Janie that he is doing well. She expects to move to New York and marry him.

His assistant Shufro (Anderson) suggests that he could make some money if he became hard and ruthless. The ultimate test of his meanness is ‘stealing candy from a baby’. He is photographed as he pulls a sucker away from a small boy. The picture is printed in the paper under the caption, “Meanest Man in the World.” He is hired to evict an old woman, Mrs. Frances H. Leggitt (Margaret Seddon), from her apartment and more pictures appear in the paper. Read More »