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João Pedro Rodrigues – Turdus merula Linnaeus, 1758 (2020)

From 7 to 25 April, 18 days of confinement during which a male blackbird takes care and guarantees the safety of its young, until they release the nest. Read More »

    Jerzy Skolimowski – To nie my AKA It’s Not Us (2020)

    HBO Europe has commissioned Polish at Home, a series of 14 short films about isolation from 16 Polish filmmakers working during lockdown.

    The project asked 16 filmmakers (two projects are collaborations) to create 14 short films. The plots must take place in the time of the pandemic, they cannot exceed 10 minutes, all must adhere to lockdown restrictions and the filmmakers must shoot them on their own in four weeks, although the format and genre is up to them. Read More »

      Nikoline – Gourmet (2020)

      Nikoline displays the feminine desire in a way that she feels has been missing. The video is a confrontation with society’s attempts to domesticate and reduce women’s sexuality to something passively receptive with whore/madonna complexes and systematic shame. For Nikoline, the woman is active and volcanic, from the ecstasy of latent pheromones to the explosive and untamed savagery. Read More »

        Jonathan Glazer – Strasbourg 1518 (2020)

        Strasbourg 1518 Inspired by a powerful involuntary mania which took hold of citizens in the city of Strasbourg just over 500 years ago, this film is a collaboration in isolation with some of the greatest dancers working today. Read More »

          Melisa Liebenthal – Aqui y Alla AKA Here and There (2020)

          Here and There is an essay film that studies what being at home means. The filmmaker uses photographs, maps and Google Earth to connect places around the globe; not just from her own past, but also from the complex migratory history of her family that stretches back to Hitler-era Germany and Mao’s China. Reality and the virtual prove equally confusing: however much you zoom in, you never get closer to home. Read More »

            Asia Argento – Ælektra (2020)

            A fashion film written & directed by Asia Argento for Antonio Grimaldi Couture Collection A/W 2020/21. Read More »

              Anton Bialas – À l’entrée de la nuit AKA At The Entrance Of The Night (2020)

              Two Senegalese men walk through a forest in Morocco at night. As they try to find a passageway to the north, they talk about a strange dream. Two officers from the Spanish Civil Guard patrol the Spanish coast in an SUV. The car’s headlights probe the darkness in search of illegal immigrants. In Paris, a young woman performs a symbolic burial in a forest on the edge of the city. Read More »