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Stephen Dwoskin – Trying to Kiss the Moon (1994)

This autobiographical film evolves from the perspective of events and images over a period of over 50 years. Read More »

Stephen Dwoskin – Pain Is… (1997)

txt from Strictly Film School
“In Pain Is…, Dwoskin’s thoughtful rumination on the nature of pain, this intersection occurs in the conceptual mechanism of pain itself, in the way it surfaces amorphously, imprecisely, throughout the process and conduct of life, as well as in its insidious ability to create a subconscious shift in (sensorial) awareness – in essence, to reconfigure (if not transform) one’s immediate reality because of its existence. It is this untenable quality of pervasiveness and indefinability that Dwoskin articulates in an introductory analogy that sets the tone for the film’s organic (and inherently circular) exposition: Read More »