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Jacques Doillon – Le petit criminel AKA The Little Gangster (1990)

Marc, a troubled teenager, becomes aware of the existence of a sister he has never met. Armed with a pistol his mother found, he goes out to find his sister. After stealing from a shop, he is stopped by a policeman. Marc threatens him with his gun and demands that he helps him in his search. Read More »

Nicolas Klotz – Paria (2000)


First part of a “trilogy of modern times” (the second one is La Blessure, and third – La question humaine).

Paria follows the path of two characters, Momo and Victor. Momo –remarkably played by Gérald Thomassin– lives in the streets, while Victor, on the edge of poverty, loses his apartment when he loses his job. Their destinies will come across during the night of the “millennium” which will be celebrated in a social pick-up bus. By a brilliant inversion of the points of view, the opening sequence, shot form the bus, in which the city night is threatening, takes a totally different aspect in the middle of the film. The events take another relief as the outcast have been given a face, taking back their humanity. In the wonderful sequence that follows, Blaise, one of the homeless is taken care of in a refuge where the outcast are healed and washed, far away in the suburbs, away from the good society. Victor and Momo, thanks to love, will find hope in a better future. Filmed in a documentary way, in DV under the cold urban lights, Paria catches the dark side of the city, the space between the spaces, the left-overs, and frees the speech of the outcast the society don’t know what to do with. Read More »