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Rolf Olsen & Lee Payant – Blutiger Freitag AKA Bloody Friday [Uncut] (1972)

After escaping from a courtroom during his trial, a criminal plans the biggest bank robbery every to have taken place in Germany. Read More »

Hans-Christian Schmid – Lichter AKA Distant Lights (2003)

This movie reflects on the situation around the border between Poland and Germany. The fate of many single characters creates a picture of life in this region: Some Ukrainians want to cross the border illegal to get into Germany, a company wants to build a new factory, a Polish taxi driver desperately needs money to buy his daughter a communion dress, and so on. Read More »

Nora Fingscheidt – Systemsprenger AKA System Crasher (2019) (HD)

On her wild quest for love, 9-year-old Benni’s untamed energy drives everyone around her to despair. Read More »

Michael Hofmann – Eden (2006)

A chef discovers that the old saw “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” works for women as well in this romantic comedy from Germany. Gregor (Josef Ostendorf) is a gourmet chef who runs a small but highly regarded restaurant in Berlin. Gregor believes that food can awaken the erotic impulses and he revels in the sensual pleasures of his cooking; however, he hasn’t had much luck in finding someone to share the joy of cooking with him. One night, Gregor meets Eden (Charlotte Roche), a woman who works as a waitress at a nearby resort hotel, and he’s immediately smitten. However, Gregor soon discovers that Eden is married to Xaver (Devid Striesow), an older man who teaches dancercise to the elderly, and they have a young daughter with Down’s syndrome. Read More »

Edgar Reitz – Der Schneider von Ulm AKA The Tailor From Ulm (1978)

“The Tailor from Ulm was the last of Edgar Reitz’ pre-Heimat features and a far cry from Lust for Love in terms of style and setting. It was a biopic of Albrecht Ludwig Berbinger, who had created a flying contraption in the early nineteenth century akin to a hang glider. Handsomely mounted, The Tailor from Ulm recreates both the age and those contraptions exceedingly well; the budget is all up there on the screen. And the film itself is an engaging one, though far more conventional than the works which had preceded it. Nonetheless, audiences weren’t particularly interested and it came close to bankrupting both its director and his production company. As a result he took some time away from filmmaking to research his homeland – his Heimat – eventually returning with his masterpiece six years later. Perhaps Berbinger was the wrong subject for Reitz. In retrospect you’d imagine that his compatriot Werner Herzog would have done much more with this driven figure from their country’s past. ” Read More »

Jan Hrebejk – Musíme si pomáhat AKA Divided We Fall (2000)

In Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, a childless couple agree to hide a Jewish friend at great personal risk of discovery and execution. Read More »

Edgar Reitz – Stunde Null AKA Zero Hour (1977)

Zero Hour (German: Stunde Null) is a 1977 West German drama film directed by Edgar Reitz, starring Kai Taschner and Anette Jünger. The narrative is set in the summer of 1945 in a small village outside Leipzig, where the Americans have just pulled back and been replaced by Soviet troops. The film follows the inhabitants as they adjust to the new situation, in particular Joschi, a teenage Hitler Youth member who is fascinated by the Americans. Read More »