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Marco Ferreri – Diario di un vizio AKA Diary of a Maniac (1993)



In this stylish and offbeat black comedy, Benito ( Jerry Calà) keeps a diary of his sexual fantasies and cravings. As a result of his on-again, off-again relationship with the beautiful and insatiable Luigia (Sabrina Ferilli), his thoughts along these lines have grown increasingly bizarre. For his own part, he is driven to pick up and bed women at almost every opportunity. As the fantasies recorded in his diary consume more and more of his life, and grow darker and darker, his ordinary waking life becomes flatter and duller, until he disappears altogether.
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Renato Castellani, Marco Ferreri, Franco Rossi – Controsesso (1964)

The Italians continue their penchant for gang-directed features in this sexploitation comedy. Part one is entitled “Cocaine On Sunday” in which a husband (Nino Manfredi) and wife (Annamaria Ferrero) start snorting the stuff after the friend who owned the bottle is arrested. In part two, Ugo Tognazzi plays a professor who feels he is becoming too much like his elderly maiden aunts. In the final episode, a businesswoman agrees to meet a street musician, but he is frustrated when she is delayed by her vocational priorities. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide Read More »

Marco Ferreri – L’Harem (1967)

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A sophisticated Italian beauty (Carroll Baker) is unable to pick between the three men she is admittedly in love with. As a result Gianni (Gastone Moschin), Gaetano (Renato Salvatori), and Mike (Michel Le Royer) are invited to a lush villa in the Adriatic coastal city of Dubrovnik to participate in a small contest. There day after day Margherita will toy with the men’s sexual fantasies until they finally realize that no one is expected to win. Read More »

Marco Ferreri – I Love You [+Extras] (1986)


In another indictment of the flaws of our so-called civilization, this satire from the late director (Marco Ferreri) features (Christopher Lambert) as Michel, a miserable man who has failed at love and finds solace in a mechanical key holder. Michel has just been dumped by Barbara (Anemone) because he has not been able to get her pregnant. He is feeling pretty low when he finds a key holder with blue eyes and big red lips that responds to the sound of a whistle with “I Love You.” Michel tacks this gadget up on his TV set and whistles away. He seems happy with this fool-proof declaration of love until one day, the key holder responds to the neighbor’s whistle and Michel goes berserk. After all, if your key ring can’t be faithful, what’s the world coming to? ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide Read More »

Aldo Fabrizi – La famiglia Passaguai AKA The Passaguai Family (1951)


Dalla commedia Cabina 27 di Anton Germano Rossi.
Una domenica al mare di Ostia del cavalier Peppe Passaguai con la moglie e i tre figli. Una macchina comica romanesca che ha le sue ascendenze nel repertorio del teatro dialettale, dell’avanspettacolo e dell’umorismo del settimanale Travaso degli anni ’30 ma anche postbellico, arricchito da trovate più cinematografiche (l’anguria) e da notazioni di costume sulla piccola borghesia. Soprattutto nel primo tempo non mancano le gag azzeccate né le macchiette colorite, appoggiate a caratteristi già affermati (T. Scotti) o in erba (C. Delle Piane). Fu seguita da La famiglia Passaguai fa fortuna (1952) e Papà diventa mamma (1953).
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Antonio Pietrangeli – La parmigiana AKA The Girl from Parma (1963)


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Dora, driven away from her town by malicious gossip following her first love affair, has a series of short-lived adventures until she falls in love with Nino, a small time crook. In Parma, a police officer courts her but she keeps thinking of Nino and makes up her mind to join him. But he has found a new lover. Read More »

Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub – Operai, contadini AKA Workers, Peasants (2001)


Based on the novel Le Donne di Messina by Elio Vittorini (1949).

A group of men and women gather together by chance after World War II when Italy was in the process of rebuilding. These men and women find themselves in the middle of ruins. They build a community where they try to protect themselves against hunger, violence, pain, and fear. Read More »