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Ákos Ráthonyi – La fortuna viene dal cielo (1942)

Engaged by an old lawyer, the young woman Anna receives in present of which it is quite soon relieved a jewel.
Feeling itself braccato, the pickpocket is forced to leave the precious one found by a hungry singer and recognised like gift of the provision.
The unfortunate event will take Anna away from the Prince of the Court, finding consolation between Andrew’s arms, which in the meantime it has entered into possession of the necklace… Read More »

Pietro Marcello – Martin Eden (2019) (HD)

“Martin Eden” opens with a revelation: “So, the world is stronger than me.” The impetus behind the whispered truth slowly comes into focus as the story unfolds, cynicism and celebrity impounding hope and humility. Amidst the voiceover, the class struggle at the film’s core is depicted through the warped, incinerating lens of archival celluloid footage of the proletariat in early twentieth century Naples, Italy—an odd surprise for anyone expecting scenery of Oakland, California, the original location of Jack London’s 1909 novel of the same name. It’s less of a surprise for anyone familiar with co-writer and director Pietro Marcello, a stellar Italian documentarian who’s made a career out of pointing his camera at the people in his home country. Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – I pugni in tasca AKA Fists in the Pocket (1965) (HD)

A young man takes drastic measures to rid his dysfunctional family of its various afflictions. Read More »

Duccio Tessari – Una pistola per Ringo AKA A Pistol for Ringo (1965)

An ‘angel-faced’ gunfighter is tasked with infiltrating a ranch overrun by Mexican bandits and saving their hostages, including the fiancée of the local sheriff. Read More »

Paolo Cavara – …e tanta paura AKA Plot of Fear (1976)

Italian cinematic gold. Told through ingenious flashbacks, it tells the story of a group of wealthy men and women who get murdered one by one at a decadent weekend party. In his attempt to find a connection between the victims, inspector Lomenzo (M. Placido) encounters a mysterious fashion model who reveals interersting details. The killer leaves behind illustrations from a children’s book. Why? Read More »

Giorgio Cavedon – Ombre AKA Shadows (1980)

Artist Renato, a man with murderous intentions, meets Monica, a young university student who lives in a dismal house in the Lombard suburbs. But all is not as it seems. Fractured memories, voices from the past… Read More »

Ermanno Olmi – La circostanza AKA The Circumstance (1973)

‘The bourgeois family Olmi observes here is caught in a process of disintegration that hardly requires the promptings of a languid summer’s minor crisis. A motorcycle crash, a business reorganisation seminar and a childbirth represent the unlikely-seeming dramatic punctuation in Olmi’s mosaic portrait of minimal domestic communication; while the director himself adopts an uncharacteristically elliptical structure and a rare stridency to capture both the frenetic tail-chasing and tentative adaptations to change which criss-cross the dead institutional centre. If the criticism is muted, it’s because for Olmi, every new circumstance offers at least a new option.’
– Time Out Read More »