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Jeff Gillen & Alan Ormsby – Deranged AKA Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile (1974)

A man living in rural Wisconsin takes care of his bed-ridden mother, who is very domineering and teaches him that all women are evil. After she dies he misses her, so a year later he digs her up and takes her home. He learns about taxidermy and begins robbing graves to get materials to patch her up, and inevitably begins looking for fresher sources of materials. Based closely on the true story of Ed Gein. Read More »

David Cronenberg – Camera (2000)

Filmed in 2000 for the Toronto Film Festival’s 25th anniversary, Camera stars Videodrome’s Les Carlson (he played the Jim Bakker-inspired Barry Convex) in a six-minute monologue about cinema as a group of children invade his home with a large 35mm camera and prepare to film him. Shot in digital video until a final, wonderful change to real film, Camera provides and excellent showcase for Carlson and manages to be both creepy and moving at the same time. Cronenberg’s composer Howard Shore supplies a brief, poignant music passage at the end. Read More »

Giles Walker – I Wasn’t Scared (1977)

Plot Synopsis from IMDB:
Adolescent Debbie reluctantly looks after her younger brother Todd for the day. Todd wants to go fishing and the two decide to fish in the creek located in a fenced off and restricted WWII bombing test site. The military has the area fenced off since there may still be remnants of dangerous materials there. Todd stumbles across an undetonated bomb, which he believes to be a dud. He takes the propeller off the bomb and plans on taking the bomb with him as a keepsake. Debbie is more concerned about Todd’s find, she believing the bomb could still be active, as it started to smoke after Todd took off the propeller. Debbie is unable to convince Todd to do what she believes is the correct thing to do, which is to tell the police. As Debbie runs off to tell someone in authority of the bomb, Todd goes back to retrieve it. When news of the bomb gets back to the military and their bomb squad, they have to rush back to save Todd from what sounds like a live bomb. Read More »