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Nelly Kaplan – Plaisir d’amour aka The Pleasure of Love (1991)

Plot :
Guillaume de Burlador is a private tutor who hits a low point sufficiently severe for him to
contemplate a somewhat theatrical suicide. Instead he is taken off by flying boat to a mad French colonial possession bedecked by mad servants and crazy decor. Three rather gorgeous women live there,and old Guillaume is a randy old stoat. Read More »

Henri Decoin – Retour à l’aube aka She returned at dawn (1938)

Retour à l’aube is like Russian (or should we say Hungarian) dolls dreaming of each other : when the dream seems a dead-end or a nightmare, a new one begins in another tone. Danielle Darrieux being the unforgettable doll and key leading to the following dream, following film : drama, comedy, romance, musical, crime, oniric tale, etc… a perfect rainbow directed by Decoin. A film that could be compared to Pierrot le Fou for this rare quality of going through genres and tones as lightly as the air, which I tend more and more to attribute to people having penetrated the secret of cinematic life… or is it just love ? Maybe Read More »