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Jerzy Hoffman – Tredowata AKA The Leper (1976)

A simple governess and a wealthy aristocrat fall madly in love with each other. However, his family are prejudiced towards her and have other plans for him. Read More »

Krzysztof Zanussi – Stan posiadania AKA Inventory (1989)

Difficulty of human relations in a 3-cornered tale: a neurotic woman, idealistic young man and his mother. Tomek is a clean-cut, high-minded geography student. He lives with his mother Zofia, a sensitive, practicing Catholic, like her son. When he meets Julia, a depressed woman older than he, he first tries to comfort her, then invites her to stay with him and his mother. Tomek makes a trip to West Berlin to visit his well-off father. He refuses to take money from him and looks for work as a house painter. Julia ends up in a rest home for treatment, while Tomek is trying to make their relationship work. Read More »

Piotr Trzaskalski – Edi (2002)

Best friends Edi and Jureczek earn their living as scrap-metal pickers on the streets of a big city. Our story begins when the two gangster Brothers who rule the neighborhood beat a fellow scrap picker to death. This is the Brothers’ way of enforcing payments for illegally sold alcohol. A few days later the Brothers come up with an extraordinary proposal for Edi. They want him to tutor Princess, their 17- year old sister whom they have been bringing up since the death of their parents. The Brothers choose Edi because they know about his passion – Edi is an avid reader, always keeping the books he finds in the garbage. Read More »

Stanislaw Rózewicz – Aniol w szafie AKA Angel in the Wardrobe (1987)

“Angel In The Wardrobe” is a film about responsibility, towards ourselves and others. A film about conscience; about the memory, without which we are nothing. The fears and anxieties in us and around us”.

— Stanislaw Rozewicz. Read More »

Andrzej Wajda – Dyrygent AKA The Conductor (1980)

A violinist in a provincial Polish orchestra, whose husband is the director of the ensemble, on a visit to the U.S., ties up with the world-renowned symphony conductor. As it turns out, he was once in love with the violinist’s mother. The conductor, a slightly unstable hypochondriac, returns to Poland to lead the provincial orchestra. He also tries to revive an old love affair using the violinist as a surrogate of her mother. Her husband is resentful of the conductor for personal and professional reasons. Read More »

Anna Kazejak – Obietnica AKA The Word (2014)

Lila is a schoolgirl in love whose boyfriend Janek has betrayed her with another girl. Seeking revenge, Lila puts in motion a chain of events that cannot be stopped which leads to terrifying consequences. Read More »

Waldemar Krzystek – Mala Moskwa AKA The Little Moscow (2008)

During the Cold War, a married young Soviet woman and a Polish officer are drawn together by music but their affair attracts the attention of the military authorities. Read More »