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Bruno Barreto – Bossa Nova (2000)

Rio lawyer Pedro Paulo is recently separated from his travel agent wife Tania. His office has taken on an energetic new intern, Sharon. Pedro Paulo is working on a divorce case – his own father’s… Mary Ann is an English language teacher living in Rio. Her friend Nadine has been having an Internet romance with Gary, a SoHo artist. Nadine decides to visit Gary in New York; she books her flight through Tania… Soccer star Acacio is going to play for a team in England. He has been taking private lessons with Mary Ann. Is he reading too much into the word “private”? Pedro Paulo catches a glimpse of Mary Ann and decides he should study English again… Acacio needs some legal help with his new contract. He goes to Pedro Paulo’s office, but the only one in is Sharon. Read More »

João Vladimiro – Lacrau (2013) (HD)

The viper is deaf and the scorpion can’t see, so it is and so shall be, the same way the countryside is peaceful and the city bustling and the human being impossible to satisfy. Lacrau demands the return “to the curve where man got lost” in a journey from the city towards nature. The escape from chaos and emotional void we call progress; matter without spirit, without will. The search for the most ancient sensations and relationships of mankind. The amazement, the fear of the unknown, the loss of basic comforts, loneliness, the meeting with the other, the other animal, the other vegetable.
A dive looking for a connection with the world. Where beginning and end are the same, but I am not. Read More »

Karim Aïnouz – A Vida Invisível AKA Invisible Life (2019)

Two sisters born in Rio de Janeiro make their way through life, each mistakenly believing the other is living out her dreams half a world away. Read More »

Pedro Costa – Vitalina Varela (2019)

When her husband leaves to find work in Portugal, Vitalina is left behind in Cape Verde. Years later, she finally makes the journey to Lisbon, but arrives three days after his funeral. Alone and isolated in her late husband’s home, she is determined to persevere and confront the ghosts of the past.
Mubi wrote:
Luminary Pedro Costa’s unique, collaborative style of portraiture reaches a magnificent peak in Vitalina Varela. Amongst haunting chiaroscuro compositions, her real-life stories of love, migration, and deceit take the form of bewitching incantations—and earned her the Best Actress award in Locarno! Read More »

Paulo Rocha – Cinéma, de notre temps: Oliveira l’architecte (1993)

as usual with that “cinema, de notre temps collection” Read More »

Nelson Pereira dos Santos – Raízes do Brasil: Uma Cinebiografia de Sérgio Buarque de Holanda AKA The Roots of Brazil (2003)

Cinebiography of celebrated historian Sérgio Buarque de Hollanda, who wrote the seminal “Raízes do Brasil” in 1935, with interviews with his large family (including his widow and his seven children, among them famous composer/singer/writer Chico Buarque and singer Miúcha) and scholar friend Antonio Candido. Read More »

Gabe Klinger – Porto (2016)

Gabe Klinger’s Porto deals with the post-one-night-stand fallout between an American drifter working abroad, Jake (Anton Yelchin), and a forlorn French woman, Mati (Lucie Lucas). Less a city symphony than a muted impressionist painting of urban drifting, the film takes place within the shadowy side streets, modest corner bars, and nondescript 24-hour diners of the eponymous northwest Portuguese city, where Jake is burning time as a manual laborer and flannel-clad somnambulist. Wandering one night, Jake spots Mati and strikes up an exchange, which leads to a charged evening that gets played and replayed throughout the film, each time at slightly greater length and with a different emotional inflection. Stitching these sense memories together are jazz piano-backed montages of a disappointed Jake stumbling around their earlier haunts as though in a Resnais-like time loop. Read More »