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Sarah Polley – Take This Waltz (2011)

Polley’s Take This Waltz is a follow-up to her critically successful film Away from Her. The movie is about a love-triangle concerning a woman who realizes that she may be addicted to the honeymoon phase of her relationships. The problem? She’s been married for five years. She meets a man named Seth on a business trip and finds out that Seth lives in the same neighborhood. Fancy that! A little flirting leads to a little something else, and suddenly, you’ve got yourself a full-blown life crisis on your hands Read More »

Atom Egoyan – The Sweet Hereafter [+Extras] (1997)

The Sweet Hereafter deals with the effects of a tragic school bus crash on a ravishingly beautiful small town set amid the scenic mountains of British Columbia. Outsider Ian Holm arrives, much like the Pied Piper, a lawyer trying to lure the citizens of the town into a class-action suit that would allow the mourning parents to try to sate their immense loss with the small solace of cash. Where Egoyan has dealt with emotional traumas of different sorts of outsiders and marginal characters in the past, with this adaptation, he has made a stirring portrait of the effects of loss within a community. –Ray Pride Read More »