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Kveto Hecko & Michal Ruttkay & Vladimir Stric – Iba den AKA Only a Day (1989)

A joint work of three debuting directors. It is a film about former rock musicians, members of a banned rock band. The friends were forced to replace their ideals by settled family lives and ordinary jobs. When their former lead singer has to go to hospital for therapy, they get an unexpected opportunity to play together again and recall the old times. The day when all needs to be arranged for the performance is full of small lies, compromises, and morally doubtful decisions. Read More »

Stefan Uher – Slnko v sieti AKA The Sun in a Net (1962) (HD)

Oldrich “Fajolo” Fajták (Marián Bielik), a student who directs quasi-existentialist verbal abuse at his girlfriend Bela Blazejová (Jana Beláková), takes off to a formally volunteer summer work camp at a farm where he meets her grandfather. Read More »

Juraj Jakubisko – Nevera po slovensky AKA Infidelity the Slovak Way (1981)

Jakubisko’s comedy about infidelity inside the community of lumberjacks in three chapters. First, Group of men gets to know that there comes a group of female brigadiers to a near village and tries to seduce them, which won’t come out as precisely as they wanted. In the next chapter, one girl got pregnant and lumberjacks tries to solve this by a wedding to a man called Domino. In the final phase, they’re struggling for the succesful wedding and are affraid of possible punishment from their wives. Read More »

Martin Tapák – Pacho, hybsky zbojník AKA Pacho, the Brigand of Hybe (1976)

Bittersweet comedy about opression of poor Slovakian people by Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.

A funny outlaw tale inspired by traditional folk humour. Pacho is no ordinary outlaw. He detests injustice and feudal oppression and he copes with each troublesome situation with the help of his cleverness and wit. Read More »

Mira Fornay – Môj pes Killer AKA My Dog Killer (2013)

Marek has no real friends except his guard dog and hangs out with skinheads. When his dispirited mother reappears in his life, Marek faces a horrible predicament. An authentic and hypnotic chronicle of a sluggish existence always on the verge of explosion. Read More »

Eduard Grecner – Drak sa vracia AKA The Return of Dragon [+ Extra] (1968)


A ballad of love, hatred, and desire to escape from loneliness. The story of a reclusive potter, who returns, years after being shunned by his village.

The story is a simple one, set in medieval times, in a small village near the Tatra mountain range bordering Slovakia and Poland. Where a potter named Martin Lepiš (Czech actor Radovan Lukavský, perfectly cast here in the role of an outsider), whom the villagers refer to as Dragon, returns, several years after he was wrongfully driven away for crimes he did not commit. He comes back not for revenge or any motive other than to simply live his old life in peace. However his former fiancée Eva (Emília Vášáryová, wonderfully expressive in an almost silent role), is now married, and her new husband Simon (Gustav Valach) and the other villagers, are suspicious of Dragon’s intentions. Is there anything he can do to gain acceptance and respect, or is it a hopeless cause? Read More »