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Werner Herzog – Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner AKA The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (1974) (HD)

This is not really a documentary about Steiner, the Swiss woodcarver and ski-flyer, nor the sport in general, nor the competition and breaking off the world record, but something more intense and esoteric — a poem of obsession, ecstasy and escape. Read More »

Werner Herzog – Die Große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner aka The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner (1974)

Werner Herzog’s The Great Ecstacy of Woodcarver Steiner is a glimpse of a man who is quite amazing at his gift of ski-jumping- he’s the world record holder at the time of filming (and a record he actually tops over himself more than once)- and how he’s all the more impressive because of his humble attitude towards the activity. He’s a woodcarver as his other profession, but has it as his primary obsession to fly, to get whisked away someplace that is of his design but not entirely of his control. Read More »