Ken Burns – Jazz (2001)

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A worthy documentary on the first 60 years of jazz with an emphasis on Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and swing.

1. Gumbo – Beginnings to 1917
2. The Gift 1917-1924
3. Our Language 1924-1928
4. The True Welcome 1929-1935
5. Swing – Pure Pleasure 1935-1937
6. Swing – The Velocity of Celebration 1937-1939
7. Dedicated to Chaos 1940-1945
8. Risk 1945-1956
9. The Adventure 1956-1961
10. A Masterpiece by Midnight 1961-2001 Read More »

Emile Chautard & Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset – Le mystère de Notre-Dame de Paris (1912)

Drama in which the love between Claude and Germaine is tested when Claude is falsely accused and Germaine’s father doesn’t approve of their relationship.
Germaine Darlot’s father forbids a marriage between her and Claude Duval. Claude wants to commit suicide because of this, but when he wants to jump into the river he drives away a robber who has just robbed a rich gentleman. He drags the rich gentleman to his house, who dies there. Claude and Germaine flee to the colonies, where Claude becomes the mining director. When another woman fancies Claude, Germaine becomes jealous, suspects him of adultery, and reports Claude. He is sentenced to twenty years in prison. Read More »

Alexandre Astruc – Le puits et le pendule AKA The Pit and the Pendulum (1964)

A haunting short version of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous story about a cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on a victim of the Spanish Inquisition… Read More »

Ludwig Berger – Ich bei Tag und du bei Nacht AKA I by Day, You by Night (1932)

A nightclub waiter and a manicurist share the same room, she sleeps there by night and he by day. They’ve never met, but they can’t stand each other. Then one day, they meet by chance… Read More »

Christian Nyby – Operation C.I.A. (1965)

Set during the Vietnam war before U.S. involvement, this political drama tells the gripping story of an American operative who is sent to Saigon to protect the U.S. ambassador from an unknown assassin’s bullet. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi Read More »

Ryuhei Kitamura – LoveDeath (2006)

One night in a bar, Sai, a yakuza apprentice falls in love with Sheela, the girlfirend of clan Kurogane’s boss. But the beautiful Sheela disappears 3 days to only seen back 342 days later admitting their destiny are linked together. Under her charm, the young man decides to follow her despite all risks ahead of them… Read More »

Humberto Solás – Lucía (1968)

A formally dazzling landmark of Cuban cinema by Humberto Solás, the operatic epic Lucía recounts the history of a changing country through the eyes of three eponymous women. In 1895, Lucía is a tragic noblewoman who inadvertently betrays her country for love. In 1932, she is a member of the bourgeoisie drawn into the workers’ uprising against the dictator. And in the postrevolutionary 1960s, she is a rural newlywed struggling against patriarchal oppression. Shot in an array of distinct, evocative visual styles, Solás’s sprawling triptych is a vital document of radical progress.
Criterion Read More »