Basma Alsharif – Ouroboros (2017)


An homage to the Gaza Strip, Ouroboros follows a man through five different landscapes, upending mass-mediated representation of trauma. A journey outside of time, marking the end as the beginning, exploring the subject of the eternal return and how we move forward when all is lost. Read More »

Jan Halldoff – Chez Nous (1978)

“It started with a murder of a prostitute, a small matter, really…”

A stripper from Club Chez Nous is murdered. The killer contacts a newspaper to whitewash himself. Two journalists start to investigate the case and stumble on other crimes along the way. Read More »

René Féret – Anton Tchékhov 1890 (2015)

In 1890, Russian writer Anton Chekov writes short stories in newspapers to feed his family. He achieves success in the form of Pushkin prize. However, he decides to meet convicts at Sakhalin when one of this brothers die due to tuberculosis. Read More »

Sheila McLaughlin & Lynne Tillman – Committed (1984)

The film COMMITTED, which Sheila McLaughlin realized together with Lynne Tillman, is not a biography of actress Frances Farmer but rather a fictional analysis of the same. It deals with the disturbed relationship between Farmer and her mother, the sociopolitical climate in the USA of the 30s and 40s, the role of psychiatry as an increasingly powerful determinant in this period and the destructive love story between a woman (actress) and a man (director). COMMITTED is conducted as a Film noir and a period piece – the latter of which is unusual for an independent film. Read More »

Jean-Thomas Ceccaldi – Instantané d’histoire: Monsieur X, un Normand dans les maisons closes (2017)

In the aftermath of the First World War, a 20-year-old Frenchman discovers the Paris of the Roaring Twenties, guided by a young Russian emigrant whom he met in the trenches of Verdun. Camera in the hand, he goes through the district of Montparnasse to meet the “little women of Pigalle”.
( Read More »

Shingo Wakagi – Shirakawa yofune AKA Asleep (2015)

Terako (Sakura Ando) is a young woman without a job. She has an affair with Iwanaga (Arata Iura) who is married. His wife is in a coma. One day, Terako’s friend kills herself. After that, Terako sleeps all day long and wakes up only when Iwanaga calls her. Read More »

Anthony Spinelli – Touch Me (1971)

A group of young couples and other singles arrive at an experimental ‘encounter group’ to try and solve their sexual hangups. Anything goes and everyone tries something new. Fun fact: Academy Award winning editor Michael Kahn’s third thing he ever edited! Various young people have assembled to discuss and try to resolve their sexual issues. The setting is the private home of a doctor who administers the therapies. There’s the guy who is insecure about his penis size. There’s another guy who harbors rape fantasies. There’s a bickering couple and a wife who is rather frigid and of course, the prerequisite lesbian who feels compelled to get “cured” but ends up adding a few numbers of straight women to her black book. The sex here is more clinical-both cinematically and in a literal sense as everyone learns to shed their inhibitions and express and enact their wildest fantasies. Read More »