W.S. Van Dyke – Rose-Marie (1936)


Comment from IMDb:
This was the 2nd film venture for Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. Nelson, the former opera star, as a stalwart Mountie and Jeanette, playing the opera star, she never was in real life. Coasting on the phenomenal success of their first film, this set the tone for their next ones–the formula, great singing, gorgeous setting, supposedly in Canada, but actually filmed in the rustic pre tourist attraction of Lake Tahoe. The 2 stars complemented each other perfectly, a love match on screen as well as off. Jimmy Stewart featured in an early role, and David Niven, wasted as a suitor. Gilda Grey, a famous stripper, managed to wear a revealing dress, that escaped the censors. Allan Jones appeared in 2 opera sequences with Jeanette, and proved once more, he was no threat to Nelson Eddy. Beautiful music, some laughs some tears, and always Nelson and Jeanette–together.

In Montreal, Canada, opera star Marie de Flor gives a masterful performance of Gounod’s opera Romeo et Juliette . Following the show, Marie tells her maid, Anna Roderick, that she is not in need of romance because she has her work, fame and money. She concedes, however, that the only man she ever truly loved is her brother, John Flower, who is serving a jail sentence for participating in a holdup. Upset by the recent news of her brother’s parole rejection, Marie decides to seek a pardon for him by courting the favor of the visiting premier of Quebec. As Marie is about to request the premier’s help, however, she is visited by Boniface, a mysterious Indian half-breed, who informs her that John has escaped from prison, killed a Mountie in a fight and is now a wounded fugitive in need of her financial help. Marie decides to follow Boniface to his mother’s home in the woods, where John is hiding, and they leave immediately. While Marie and Boniface begin their journey north, Sargeant Bruce, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, receives an assignment to find John, who is believed to be hiding near Lake Shibuga. Bruce is given a description of the fugitive and is told that the man has no known relatives.



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