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Benjamin Filipovic – Dobro Ustimani Mrtvaci AKA Well-Tempered Corpses (2005)


Two cynical workers in a hospital morgue (Boro Stjepanovic, Zan Marolt) make bets on how many bodies will turn up by a certain time. When three corpses are suddenly wheeled in after a horrific accident involving a plane, a car and a suicide jumper, joining a forth cadaver who suddenly dropped dead in a government lobby, one coroner appears to have won the bet. But death holds many surprises.

Though it lacks the immediacy of his docu-drama “Mizaldo,” shot in 1993-1994 during the siege of Sarajevo, Benjamin Filipovic’s “Well-Tempered Corpses” brings the same irony and black humor to the post-war “normalizing” of life in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Interweaving multiple stories about wacky characters trying to cash in on the times and grab the “Bosnian dream,” pic shows people literally struggling to the death in unhappy personal relationships. Film’s dark sense of humor connected with Sarajevo Film Festival auds, promising a strong showing on its imminent regional release, but pic’s local brand of comedy may be a stretch for other territories.


Language: Bosnian
Subtitles: English | Slovenian (.sub/.idx)

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