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Lamberto Bava – Demoni AKA Demons (1985)


Brief synopsis:
When people from all walks of life are invited to a special screening in an isolated movie theatre they are soon involved in a real life horror movie. In an orgy of bloodshed, violence and madness no one can escape their walled in nightmare. Stylish, gory, bleakly funny and reminiscent of George A. Romero’s films, Demoni is a hugely entertaining horror movie.

From Combustible Celluloid:

The son of legendary Italian horror director Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava cut his teeth by assisting and directing second unit for many of his father’s great films. As for his own filmmaking career, I think fans agree that Lamberto didn’t inherit a great deal of his father’s genius, finesse or skill. Fans would also agree that Demons is probably Lamberto’s best film, not because it approaches Mario’s work, but because it’s so ludicrously entertaining. A creepy masked man invites several people to a free movie. A woman cuts herself on a lobby display and turns into a zombie-like beastie. After the first 20 minutes or so of watching the movie, the audience realizes that it’s trapped inside with a hoard of real monsters to deal with (if anyone gets scratched they become infected and turn). A pimp becomes a Superfly-like hero for a short while. The film dispatches its victims with effortless speed and imagination; every conceivable form of gruesome death is here. In one sequence a newborn monster springs forth out of a woman’s back! It even has a motorcycle, a samurai sword and a helicopter crash. The soundtrack is filled with 1980s-style heavy metal, which, on certain Italian films, replaced the original score. The next year, Lamberto directed Demons 2, followed by several other sequels with various titles.



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