Miguel Bardem – La mujer más fea del mundo AKA The Ugliest Woman in the World (1999)


In a futuristic Spain, someone is murdering beauty queens.

If you’ve never heard of this wildly original and adventurous flick from 1999 Spain, then this is further proof of one of the best things about being in love with movies: you will never hear of, let alone see so many great films being made around the world. There are just too many. But you can certainly try, and this is an excellent place to continue your journey.

Although not a horror film, this should appeal to fans of the genre. Hell, it should appeal to most fans of quality film out there – the good, the bad and the ugly. The first killing is pretty nasty stuff and the rest of the film has a refined horror / sci-fi, even surreal tone about it that makes it no easier to categorise, because over and above all else, it’s a comedy. Or is it? Offbeat British TV comedy series League of Gentlemen fans will no doubt warm to it’s darkly comic kookiness, even more so when they discover that some parts of the soundtrack score sounds almost identical to the music in L.O.G.

So, proof then that Almodovar isn’t the only Spanish director making films audiences across the water should enjoy. This one has got charm, wit, and stands successful as an unforgettably innovative experiment in genre fusing. There’s something for everyone here, with a nice moral message to boot. It really is one of a kind.


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  1. sounds promising, thanks. (like the new look).

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