Petr Václav – Marian (1996)


Václav started his career as a director of film documentaries, first attracted critical attention with his graduation film, Paní Le Murie (Madame Le Murie, 1993) and consolidated his reputation with his first feature Marián (1996), which testified to the problems of social and racial determination and more generally also the theme of human freedom and humiliation.

Petr Vaclav graduated from FAMU in Prague. He shot documentaries about communist Czechoslovakia in the ’90s: in black and white: peasants who refused to join the communal farms, in colour, the life of Vietnamese workers toiling in Czech factories.
“Mme Le Murie” , the portrait of an aging Baroness who manages to survive fifty years of hostility in her ruined property, was nominated for the Student Oscar and was awarded the Prize for the Best documentary film at the Film School Film Festival.
Vaclav produced and directed his first feature movie “Marian” , story of a Romany child, shot with Romany non actors who share similar fates with his hero. “Marian” received multiple awards including the Silver Leopard in Locarno.

Language: Czech
Subtitles: English | Chinese (embedded vobsubs) & English (.srt)

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