Brian Gibson – Where Adam Stood (1976)


From VLN:

A play, written by Dennis Potter, which deals with the turningpoint in science when Charles Darwin released his theories from the point of view of a religious scientist who can’t bare the thought that the Genesis isn’t to be taken literally. Not as famous as his Musical mini-series “The Singing Detective” and “Pennies From Heaven”, not as notorious as his banned play “Brimstone & Treacle” Potter writes a very quiet and heartbreaking play about a boy who watches his father’s life work being destroyed.

Although credited with being “Based on ‘Father and Son’ by Edmund Gosse, Where Adam Stood is, in Potter’s own words, “in no sense an adaptation. … I only took a few pages from it.” (Fuller 1993:52)

Parallel to the Gosse memoir of his father, though, the play deals simultaneously with the relationship between a fundamentalist father and his young, motherless son, as well as, on a much broader canvas, with the collision between fundamentalist religion and the beginnings of a challenging scientific paradigm which appeared to contradict it – Darwin’s theory of natural selection and evolution…. FULL PLOT
Max Harris as Edmund Gosse
Alan Badel as Phillip Gosse


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