1941-1950Gene TierneyUSA

Gene Tierney – Old Time Radio Collection (1942 – 1950)


assorted OTR featuring Gene Tierney.

Blue Ribbon Town 44-02-05 Milwaukee One Hundred Years Ago
Blue Ribbon Town 44-02-12 One Hundred Years in the Future
Charlie McCarthy & Edgar Bergen 45-02-25 Gene Tierney
Command Performance 42-04-12 Gene Tierney, Betty Hutton, Gary Cooper
Command Performance 44-04-22 Gene Tierney, Roy Acuff
Duffy’s Tavern 44-09-22 Insurance Policy for Finnegan (with Gene Tierney)
Family Theater 50-03-22 The Broken Pitcher
Hallmark Reader’s Digest 47-03-20 The Gifts of the Magi
Hallmark Reader’s Digest 47-06-05 The Red-Haired Doll
Lux Radio Theater 45-02-05 Laura – Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, Vincent Price
Lux Radio Theater 46-10-07 Dragonwyck – Gene Tierney, Vincent Price, Gale Gordon
Lux Radio Theater 47-03-17 Leave Her To Heaven – Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde
Lux Radio Theater 50-04-24 Mrs Mike – William Johnstone, Dick Powell
Screen Guild Players 45-08-20 Laura
Theater Guild Of The Air 47-03-23 The First Year
Theater Guild Of The Air 47-04-20 Age of Innocence


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