Georg Tressler – Sukkubus – den Teufel im Leib (1989)



A Swiss legend tells of three shepherds and their privations, “weiberlosen” time in the mountains. And as her wicked doings will be severely punished – by a bare Wurzelhexe …

A former classmate, let’s call him Fred, looks at the happy Sepp Forcher – with sound turned off. Namely Fred loves the beauty of the local mountains. But not the accompanying volksdümmliche Gedudel.

Succubus – the devil in him would also be a film for Fred. For the beauty of the Alpine mountains is captured very atmospheric. And instead of folk music here sounds very consistent, Spaghetti Western-inspired score.

Succubus – THE DEVIL IN THE BODY is also a film for fans of the lower instincts. Von wegen “on pastures, there’s no sin”: One of our Senner is a nasty Saubartl who had pushed for dinner hand in his pants and lunged after the crisp boys in bed next to him.

Just a boy has no interest in the said strong men gripping hands, but he longs for the warm, wet tongue, his favorite. Which he then “herumkriegt. How he hires, the It beggars …

The thinking is also the chief shepherd of the actor’s face by Peter Simonischek which initially represents the moral conscience and knows the erotic meeting between animal and stop at the last moment.

But when he does plenty of Wundschnaps, open the truck door.

When erschwillt libido of the man who escapes the blood from the brain. They know that (s), one knows what (s). So one wonders (s) are not even more than the stalwart Bauernlümmeln react in a homemade sex doll root. Sexual emergency just the mother of invention.

Or deemed to be initially in an alpine-kinky BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN variant with slightly sodomite impact, takes this home movie of a slightly different kind of twist the alpine fantasy sexploitation. Responsible for this is a witch with a mane of Tina Turner, and Marilyn Manson contact lenses, the naked, like the evil forces they created to seduce the frightened mountaineers unchaste deeds will. Of course, with fatal consequences: Have you ever seen a skinned shepherds?

Granted, this madly exciting story of three pasture-Öhis on the way to the Sexhölle is not. But thanks to the scenic quality of work (Assistant director: Christoph Schlingensief!) Is also provided at no boredom – a general interest in the archaic living conditions in the menacing beauty of the alpine mountains.

Director Georg Tressler tells me absolutely nothing, but a glance at the IMDB reveals an impressive cinematic sins with a focus Jodeldodel-Lederhosen Radio Days. The humor was undoubtedly break – there is a seriousness, which seems, given the crude plots certainly very odd.

What remains is a cinematic curio, a mountain somewhere between semi-documentary drama, thrilling horror movie and bizarre behavior Alpine sexploitation. It used to be such a good “story” called.

The Austrian Film Archive showed this rare plant in the context of a film series with the grand title “The main meat – erotica and pornography on the Austrian film”.


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