Johnnie To – Cheung fo AKA The Mission (1999)

Gangster boss Lung (Eddy Ko) is betrayed by someone within the own ranks who wants to see him dead. While Lung’s brother Frank (Simon Yam) is investigating the failed assassination attempt in order to find the culprit a unit of professional killers and bodyguards is put together to take care of Lung’s safety until the matter has been settled.

This five-man-squad is led by Curtis (Anthony Wong) who is working as a barber on the side. His men are Roy (Francis Ng), who owns a bar, the weapon expert James (Suet Lam), Mike (Roy Cheung), who is an excellent marksman, and rookie Shin (Jackie Liu). The relationships between the five men are always grounded on their professionalism, even though there is some friction every now and then, and their inviolable code is the reason why they are very successful in their field. But the bodyguards’ code of honor as well as their sense for brotherhood are put to a harsh test at the end.
Manfred Selzer

1.60GB | 1h 27m | 1015×432 | mkv

Subtitles:English srt (muxed in)

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