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Tatu Pohjavirta – Collected Shorts of Tatu Pohjavirta (1999 – 2005)

This is some absolutely gorgeous animation. Not all of the shorts on here are top-notch, but nearly all are worth viewing – especially Reflector, a short which is easily worth the entire torrent all by itself. I put this collection up there with Blood Tea and Red String in terms of stop-motion quality, even if this guy appears to me much, much less well known. Some of the other shorts are just kind of weird (Virtavalta, I’m looking at you! Extremely short and literally just like a buff man busting into a house Kool-Aid-Man style) but even that one is charming in it’s own way and I think that a lot of people should watch it!


Tatu Pohjavirta worked as a photographer. He lives as animation director in Helsinki.

Tatu Pohjavirta graduated from the Turku Arts Academy ( 1997 – 2001). He has made several animation films, both puppet- and drawn animation. Tatu´s films have been shown in many international festivals. Since 2002 he has been teaching animation. He is member of the European Film academy.

Tatu Pohjavirta´s animation ”Kuvastin” was awarded in Tampere Short Film Festival with the Prix UIP and was nominated for European Film academy price as the best short film. “Kuvastin” was also shown in Nordic Panorama.

Elukka aka Animal (2005) and more six shorts-animation:
*Navan Kääntöpiiri aka Naval Point (1999)
*The Pig’s Eclipse (2000)
*Kuvastin aka Reflector (2001)
*Torso (2002)
*Mummo aka Granny (2003)
*Virtavalta (2005)

01-Elukka aka Animal (2005)
This animated short combines twisted humor and folk tale to tell the story of a widowed father who is turning into a werewolf, his son who has traded bodies with a lamb, and a female doctor—the object of the father’s desire.
28 min / 316MB / XviD 1.1, 1382 kb/s, 720×576, 25.000 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

02-Navan Kääntöpiiri aka Naval Point (1999)
A story of a man and a robot who share the same body. Under the dominating robots lead, they enter the territory of the shaman, the protector of the cosmic network. Conflicting interests forces the man to choose sides.
06:02 min / 51,3MB / DivX 5, 990 kb/s, 720×576, 12.500 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

03-The Pig’s Eclipse (2000)
A story of a pig that dreams about the moon. This macabre tango will reach its top eventually, but does anything remain in the end?
05:20 min / 43,3MB / DivX 5, 945 kb/s, 720×576, 12.500 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

04-Kuvastin aka Reflector (2001)
A stranger comes to an abandoned circus where a couple still lives. Photographing connects the trio, but things starts to go queer.
10:34 min / 165MB / XviD 1.1, 1979 kb/s, 720×576, 25.000 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

05-Torso (2002)
A man without arms, other without legs, and their fight with the human existenz.
02:04 min / 34,6MB / XviD 1.1, 2126 kb/s, 720×576, 25.000 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

06-Mummo aka Granny (2003)
An old lady signs a contract with death, in exchange she has something to do.
06:40 min / 111MB / XviD 1.1, 2137 kb/s, 720×576, 25.000 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

07-Virtavalta (2005)
Reality and television are in differents places, not in this short movie.
01:38 min / 26,3MB / XviD 1.1, 2029 kb/s, 720×576, 25.000 FPS / MP3 48KHz 192kbps.

Subtitles:none (don’t need)


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