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Various – LUST: 12 SEXY SHORT [+Extras] (1998 – 2003)


Lust: 12 sexy short brings to light a wide range of cutting-edge films from 8 different countries that takes a humoristic look at the search for pleasure. It’s a discovery of a wide range of low-budget film-making styles that strolls us through a frenetic world that begins with sex for some and ends in separations for others. These films portray experiences that dissolve into a blurry vision of love. Lust is an incomplete inventory – who could pretend otherwise !! – of the different strategies of attack and defense within the permanent struggle against loneliness. Lust shows us a world where although the rules are simple, the winner never adheres to them. (-Lowave)

Bosiljka Simonovic-Chocolate Sperm (2001)
Stefan Weinert-Always Sergej (2002)
Patrick Volve-Video Montevideo (2003)
Caroline Tabet-Faim de Communication (2002)
Evelyne Perard & Veronique Petit-Intention (2003)
Takafumi Muranushi – 1+1-1 (2000)
Michael Betancourt-Pron (2004)
Matto Kampf-Loosli (1999)
Marco Della Fonte-Sesso Annunciato (2000)
Nosfe-Fear and Love in Helsinki (2003)
Menotti Bucco-Palindrome (2002)
Natalie Ital-Krieg Im Sunshineland (1998)
Olivier Le Fou-Banane, banane (2002)

Bosiljka Simonovic, born in Paris in 1974, has made three short films : Vous Suivez ?, Nocturne – received best scriptwriting award at the Paris Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – and Chocolate Sperm which has been screened at over 50 film festivals around the world and broadcasted on several TV channels. Today Bosiljka continues to be involved in making short films with the Paris-based production company, Envie de Tempête Productions, while working on two feature films including an adaptation of a Victor Hugo novel.

The director, actor, and comedian Stefan Weinert was born in Germany in 1964. After having attended an acting course, he played several major roles in theatres in Cologne and Düsseldorf before continuing his studies as a film and theatre set designer in Vienna that he went on to complete in 1991. He continues to work as a film director, theatre set designer, video art curator, and film festival organiser. From New York to Vienna to Barcelona and Cologne, since 1996, he has put in place his ideas while remaining focused on film. His work as an actor and short film director are increasingly central to his artistic goals. Stefan’s work has been shown at numerous film festivals around the world often representing his home country of Germany.

Patrick Beraud – a.k.a. Volve – was born in France in 1972. He studied math and audiovisual communications, with a specialty in sound engineering from the school of image and sound at Angloulême (France). He then pursued his training during 1 year at CFT Gobelins (Paris) as a post-production assistant. Patrick has made a number of short films since 1998 including Vidéo Montevidéo. As a film editor specialising in sound and effects, he contributes his talent to the Metronomic group and his various VJ performances in Paris.

Born in Lebanon in 1974, Caroline Tabet left her country during the war for France where she lived from 1976 until 1993. In 1990 she studied photography in Montpellier, then continued in Paris and London as an assistant photographer for the press, fashion, and advertising. She returned to Beirut in 1993 to join a film production company. She worked on a number of shootings as a director’s assistant, scriptwriter, and producer as well as a being a photographer and actor. In the year 2000, Caroline went on to create ART.CORE with other musicians, photographers, video artists, DJs, and VJs. This collective performs in a variety of cultural spots in Beirut with themed events focused on electronic music and experimental imagery.

Created in 1987 by Evelyne Pérard, born in 1952, and Véronique Petit, born in 1959, le Théâtre à Grand Vitesse (TGV) have always considered the breaking down of barriers between artistic discplines as necessary to its evolution. Since its inception, the TGV has been using photos, slides, and videos as part of its scenery. The company is currently working with the artist Marie-Noëlle Deverre, on a number of art installations and sculptures for window displays (“Je ferai un crochet pour vour voir” mai 2003 for the center of contemporary art in La Laverie de la Ferté Bernard) and have just completed their new creation “who’s black?”.

Takafumi Muranushi was born in Japan in 1977. He started his career as a filmmaker at the Osaka University of Arts. Since then he has been working as an assistant director for many independent films. 1+1-1 is his second self-produced short film. 1+1-1 was premiered at the Siena Film Festival, and awarded the CNI Award for Best Experimental film. Since then it has been screened at a number of international short film festivals. In April 2003 Takafumi directed his third short film 2-1… which tackles the theme of divorce of legally registered couples. The production process of this film was made into a documentary by NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai – Japan Broadcasting Corporation) in Osaka.

Michael Betancourt was born in the USA in 1971 and works with experimental art as a way of developing and testing theory. Following his belief that dialogue, criticism, and history must be a part of any artist’s working process, Michael has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. focusing on the intersection of history, media and art theory. He has taken on numerous roles as a photographer, art director, art historian, magician, cook, writer and graphic designer. He has been exhibiting his work with cinema and related media since 1992. His approach moves freely between film, video and more recently digital media, independent of the actual technology used to present his art. Michael has screened, broadcast, and exhibited his interdisciplinary artwork world-wide over the internet and on the airwaves. His creations have been shown in at numerous museums, galleries, nightclubs and festivals.

Matto Kämpf was born in Switzerland in 1970. As a student of German literature and history at the University of Bern, he went on to enroll in the Schule für Gestaltung (school of fine arts) in Bern to specialize in film and video. In parallel to his studies, he started making shorts films that were to be presented at a number of national and international festivals. Amongst them was Der Mann auf dem Mond, Lunch in Prison, Angst und Schrecken, Sirup, Jesus, Im Wald and of course Loosli. Since then he has been involved in playwriting. Posse Royal and Porno-plus have already been performed on stage in Zurich, Bern, and Basel. He is currently focused on writing a new play, Planet Schwank, as well as pursuing a project involving a collection of short stories on animals as well as planning a return to short film-making.

The independent filmmaker Marco della Fonte was born in Italy. Between 1990 and 1996, he shot more than 70 music videos for Italian and international artists. One of them, Vai, vai, vai by Irene Grandi, won the MTV prize for best Italian music video in 1994. Apart from music videos, Marco has directed a number of commercials for both European and American brands. In 2001, he created an independent film production company, UFO Film. Today Marco works in both Florence and in London, and is in the process of directing his first feature-length films, Huberkain and Over the sky.

Mio Juhana Pilvari Pirtola – a.k.a. Nosfe – was born in Finland in 1978. As an active member of the Helsinki demo scene in the 1990s, he lives his passion for music via live performances while studying computer generated music and information technology. He produced his first video 0x2a (friendly places), but had to wait some time before being recognized as a demo artist. Nosfe has performed in a number of contemporary art spaces, museums and galleries. The year 2003 started with a screening of his work at the Tampere Film Festival.

Menotti Bucco was born in Italy in 1965. Since the 1980s, he has been engaged in a number of political and social projects for international charities such as the Red Cross and Amnesty International. Between 1990 and 1998, he worked as a photojournalist for some major film agencies such as Sipa Press, Reuters, and Sygma. He then got interested in the medium of film as a television journalist and independent filmmaker. He has directed several documentaries and shorts that aim to denounce social injustice.

Natalie Ital was born in Germany in 1968. Between 1987 and 1993 she studied Visual Communications in Kassel where she specialized in experimental photography. From portrait photography to collages via photogrammes, she experiments with all the possibilities presented by this medium. Inspired by Rock and Roll music on the one hand and her observations of everyday life on the other hand, Natalie has based her work work on celebrity icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Hitler and Lady Di which are then transformed into Teddy bears that act out roles in her short films. Her Teddy bears, films, photographs as well as her paintings are currently shown in a number of galleries and contemporary art museums around the world

Olivier Suville – a.k.a. Le Fou – was born in France in 1971. He studied cinema at ESRA in Paris and obtained a military diploma as an assistant director at the ECPA School of Army Cinema. He has worked on a number of short films including the spoof Banane-Banane in 2002. With an interest for both images and sounds, Olivier has contributed his work as a video artist at the Villette Numérique festival in Paris and as a musician at the Extension du domaine de la note 3 sound performance at the Silvia Monfort theater in Paris.



Subtitles included: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Esperanto
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