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Eileen Anipare & Jason Wood – A Short Film About Dekalog: An Interview with Krzysztof Kieslowski (1996)

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A Short Film About Dekalog: An Interview with Krzysztof Kieslowski was initially conceived as a final-year degree project for the University of North London. Using equipment borrowed from the University, the project was privately funded in its entirety by filmmakers Eileen Anipare and Jason Wood, and post-production was completed within a hectic week-long period. These constraints largely account for the somewhat rough-and-ready look of the film, but it is beyond doubt a valuable piece of documentary, given that it is one of the final interviews Kieslowski gave before his untimely death and most likely his last for a non-Polish entity. (from the DVD)

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A director-writer-producer team, Eileen Anipare (born 1967) and Jason Wood (born 1969) met whilst studying Film at the University of North London and discovered a shared passion for the power of cinema and an interest in documenting the work of contemporary auteurs in an entertaining and informative manner. In 1995 they formed the filmmaking collective ION Productions as a vehicle to help them finance and produce films that broaden the general audience’s knowledge of the work of key contemporary directors.

They immediately started work on their first film, A Short Film About Dekalog: An Interview with Krzysztof Kieslowski (1996), a forty-minute profile of the Polish director. In a climate where documentary finance, especially for films focused on cinema, is very scarce, the team used their own funds to fly to Poland and interview Kieslowski shortly after he announced his retirement from directing. Although hampered by its necessary micro-budget, the profile provides a riveting insight into the mind of one of cinema’s all-time great artists. It is also the last interview that the director gave to a non-Polish entity before his death in 1996. The film gained wide festival and arthouse exposure in the UK and Ireland…

In 2001, heartened by their increasing success and with all of their three films available on DVD, Anipare and Wood have started to plan further films on contemporary filmmakers with whom they want to collaborate. Although production finance is still difficult to find, particularly in a ‘cinematically challenged’ culture like the UK, the team resolve to profile ‘contemporary film directors whose output and influence has proven them to be worthy of the attention which major media organizations designate to more mainstream filmmakers’.

— Roger O. Thornhill, Contemporary British and Irish Film Directors: A Wallflower Critical Guide

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Language Polish
Subtitles included: English srt


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