Abbas Kiarostami – Dow Rahehal Baraye yek Massaleh AKA Two Solutions for One Problem (1975)


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Author: Simon Huxtable from London, England

Perhaps I am the only person to have seen this film, but seek it out you must. It’s a Kiarostami slapstick (I think), which involves two schoolkids breaking each other’s stuff and getting in a fight because they didn’t cooperate (the second solution is much less entertaining because they both learn to get along). I’m not sure if it’s meant to be funny, though Kiarostami is, I guess, pretty amusing as arthouse directors go, but it’s the ritualised aspect of Iranian society that comes out, unconsciously perhaps, in this film and it’s what gives it a comic turn as one kid tears up the other’s exercise book and the other stares on impassively and breaks the other’s ruler in half. But it’s all in the expressions, man! The deadpan voiceover is pretty cool, too. Overall, as Jonathan Rosenbaum might say, ‘dude, this rocks!’.

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