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Isaac Isitan – 2 Eylül Direnisi aka La Résistance du 2 Septembre (1977)

A slightly altered google translation of a summary:
Here is the struggle for the border of the city. There are those who decide who is in and who stays out. Here it is in 1977, they reppress solidarity, they repress movement of those who come together to be just human. Land speculators according to the Government.
Land speculators: workers came to build shacks on the outskirts of Istanbul. No space, no place where the city does not want you: Panzers and military. In front, stone and stick and the momentum stemming from survival. The film was shot and edited in a short time, to be released immediately and support the struggle of the landless.
Resistance of September 2, for example,by Ishak Isitan. documented the daily life struggle for sur-vival by tens of thousands of rural Turkish immigrants whomake their home in 1 Mayis
Mahalllesi, a squatter’s shanty-
town on the outskirts of Istanbul, and their march on Istan-bul to prevent the government from demolishing their”city”.

337MB | 23m 51s | 640×496 | avi


Subtitles:French (hardcoded), English srt

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