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Malcolm J. Thomson – David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday (1969)


Love You till Tuesday was a promotional film designed to showcase the talents of David Bowie, made in 1969. The film was the latest attempt by his manager, Kenneth Pitt, to bring Bowie to a wider audience. Pitt had undertaken the film after a suggestion by Gunther Schnedier, producer of German TV show ‘4-3-2-1 Musik Für Junge Leute’ for the ZDF network.

1 – Love You Till Tuesday
2 – Sell Me A Coat
3 – When I’m Five
4 – Rubber Band
5 – Mask
6 – Let Me Sleep Beside You
7 – Ching-A-Ling
8 – Space Oddity
9 – When I Live My Dream



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