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Piero Schivazappa – Femina ridens AKA The Frightened Woman (1969)

With a style that is reminiscent of erotica guru, Radley Metzger, it is hard to believe that he did not direct The Frightened Woman. However, one can see why Metzger chose to release the film under his company Audubon Films. Imagine sets that are similar to Camille 2000, a sensual score by Stelvio Cipriani, and the perversity (though not nearly as extreme) of the Marquis de Sade combined in one film.
The plot, though explored many times in more explicit films, concerns the complex that men and women have to be the “stronger” sex. Maria is a young reporter that plans to cover a story about the sterilization of men in other countries; however, she needs to visit the home of wealthy Dr. Sayer to gather the information that she needs. Once at his home, they carry on a conversation (one that leads into an argument) about the concept of male sterilization. Naturally, Maria supports the idea and Sayer deems her “mad.” Through the course of their conversation, Maria has no idea that her cocktail has been drugged. Upon passing out, she becomes the subject of Sayer’s perverse and sadistic physical and mental games.”. – Melissa Kusia, 10K Bullets

+Commentary by film scholar Kat Ellinger

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Language(s):English, Italian

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