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Abel Ferrara – The Addiction (1995)


Director Abel Ferrara applies his eccentric vision to the vampire genre with this cerebral “Art”
film about graduate philosophy student Kathleen Conklin (Lili Taylor), who is bitten by an
aggressive female vampire (Annabella Sciorra) and soon spirals into a nightmarish world of
blood addiction and existential angst. Driven by her merciless condition, she attacks several
of her pretentious friends and classmates (even her professor) and mainlines their blood like
heroin. Just as she becomes more bold in seeking prey on the streets of New York, she is
waylaid by a potential victim — actually a sophisticated vampire himself named Peina
(Christopher Walken), who chooses to control his own blood addiction through fasting and
meditation. Seeming to regain her self-control, she eventually completes her graduate thesis
(helped by a bit of vampire nepotism) and holds a party to celebrate, inviting the entire
faculty as well as members of her new “family” to join in the festivities. Although the parallels
to heroin addiction are in plain view, this is also a study in the essential evil of humankind — a
theme evident in much of Ferrara’s work. — Cavett Binion

2.50GB | 82:21mins | 1024×552 | mkv

Language: English + Commentary
Subtitles: English


  1. I’ve downloaded The Addiction as a 3-part rar but I can’t open the rar files. I have rar opener but it informs me that I need to check my storage capacity (I have enough), whether I need a password (do I?) or that the files may be corrupted.

    Can you help? I’ve paid Nitroflare £34 to access the files you make available and I’m quite frustrated!

    Regards, John.

    1. I just checked and everything seems fine. Please don’t forget to KEEP WINRAR UP-TO-DATE to avoid any “corrupted files” error message (or use another program like 7-Zip – or The Unarchiver if you are a Mac user).

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