Christoffer Boe – Allegro (2005)


Zetterstrøm is an accomplished pianist who lives and breathes music. When he plays he shuts out his surroundings, isolates himself entirely in a universe where only he and his piano exist in perfect symbiosis, forgetting all that matters, even those who love him. When his girlfriend finally abandons him he is heartbroken, and his already reclusive nature is strengthened. He travels to New York and takes up residence, now playing concerts physically isolated from the audience. Ten years pass and he feels compelled to return to Copenhagen, but in his absence something very strange has happened to his old neighbourhood…

IMDb guys didn’t like it much, but what do they know? It wasn’t nearly as good as Reconstruction, but I liked it anyway. I have come to adore Boe’s particular style already, and this is only his second movie on the silver screen. Allegro won a Robert award for Best Cinematography (well-deserved, as you can see!), and was nominated for the Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The main character is played by Ulrich Thomsen, who some of you may remember as Christian in Thomas Vinterberg’s thoroughly incredible dogme movie “The Celebration”, and Helena Christensen plays his significant other. Look out for a short cameo by Alex (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) from Reconstruction.

Subtitles:English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

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