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Doris Wishman – The Amazing Transplant (1971)


A seemingly pleasant fellow, Arthur goes berserk and rapes any woman in front of him wearing gold earrings. One woman tells the investigating detective (who is Arthur’s uncle) she was raped, and flashes back to an erotic love making scene. Another one, a lesbian, relates a story that has to be seen to be believed. Other women flashback to their encounters with Arthur. We find out from a doctor, in another flashback, that Arthur underwent a penis transplant with a just-dead friend, unknowing his friend was a serial rapist who preyed on golden earring-ed women.

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Right from the beginning you can tell this ain’t your usual case of penis envy. Uninhibited Mary is relaxing in bed practicing some strange stringed instrument when she unexpectedly receives a phone-call from ex-beau Arthur. He desperately wants to visit and despite her initial assertions against the meeting (“It’s Saturday, and the only day I’ll have to shop.”) she eventually relents. Bad move. Arthur comes over, and after confessing his love and offering a marriage proposal proceeds to tear Mary’s clothes off and strangle her. In a matter of minutes the entire city somehow knows of the murder (probably due to the hilariously informative radio newscasts that are sure to repeatedly point out Mary was nude), and Arthur is nowhere to be found. His Uncle Bill, conveniently a cop, pleads and grovels to be put on the case (“He’s my dead brother’s kid!”) and is granted 24 hours to uncover his whereabouts. Wasting no time, he immediately begins seeking out and questioning the women in Arthur’s little black book (including future porn gal Kim Pope), and they all have an incredibly similar story to tell. It seems dear shy Arthur wasn’t all that shy, and after working his way into each of the women’s homes he exploded in a carnal frenzy, forcing himself upon them, regardless of their not-so-convincing struggles (“Stop, you’re mad… you’re tearing my clothes.”). So why is reclusive Arthur, who was previously quite unlucky when it came to the opposite sex, now a rape-happy psycho? It seems he so admired his friend Felix’ prowess with the ladies that when a “deadly virus” suddenly knocked him off Arthur blackmailed the family doctor (who’s an illegal abortionist on the side) into performing a previously unheard-of procedure (“I want you to put Felix’ penis on me!”). Unfortunately the stiff’s stiffy not only granted Arthur the sexual suaveness he craved but it also brought Felix’ freaky fetish into play (“Whenever he saw a girl wearing gold earrings he would get terribly excited.”). So who is truly at fault for Mary’s death? It all ends with a shot that’ll make you throw your remote at the TV.



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