1981-1990DocumentaryJohan van der KeukenNetherlands

Johan van der Keuken – I Love Dollars (1986)


New York, Geneva, Hong Kong and Amsterdam are major hubs of the world’s economy. Great amounts of money circulate there, and whereas poverty is ubiquitous in the streets of New York, Geneva carefully protects its wealth behind impeccable facades.
No one is unaffected by the myth of the all-powerful Dollar: the under-privileged struggle to survive talking about their unattainable dreams, while businessmen, from the safe distance of their offices, lay down the tenets of their financial theories.

The dark age of computing…

…and telecom ūüôā

“In Johan van der Keuken’s film, I love $, the constant overlapping of the sound of different languages is as strikingly beautiful as the visual fascination offered by the cities he filmed (New York, Hong Kong…).” Dominique Pa√Įni, Cahiers du cinema

Bonus : You’ll hear “Dallas” dubbed in cantonese !


Language(s):mainly french-english-dutch-cantonese
Subtitles:french-english-dutch vobsub

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