2001-2010ComedyPedro AlmodóvarShort FilmSpain

Pedro Almodóvar – La Concejala antropófaga aka The Cannibalistic Councilwoman (2009)


The first short film by Pedro Almodóvar in 30 years. It’s a spin-off of his upcoming film, “Los Abrazos Rotos”. The short film was broadcast on Spanish television Feb 13 2009.


This short film is part of the film-within-the-film Girls and Suitcases. Chicas y maletas is the film being shot in Los abrazos rotos aka Broken Embraces.
La concejala antropófaga basically consists of a humorous monologue by Carmen Machi. She snorts a generous amount of coke throughout and continues her lewd observations about men begun in Chicas y maletas.



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