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Wolf Gremm – Kamikaze 1989 (1982)

Wolf Gremm’s Kamikaze ‘89 gleefully engages the Eurotrash spirit of liberation from corporate culture. It places Berlin’s rabble-rousing nighthawks in the midst of a terrorist investigation that may-or-may-not implicate a fascistic media conglomerate known as The Combine. Caught in step with music and sex above politics, the libidinous partygoers remain oblivious to the rampant corruption that exists beyond the pulsating speakers.

The decidedly batshit plot pits thriving corporate interests against Jansen (Rainer Werner Fassbinder), a rogue lieutenant whose proclivities for leopard-print suits and bicarbonate soda mark him as a pastiche, taken in part from elements of garish German high fashion and the sadistic American detective (think Glenn Ford in The Big Heat, which was directed by German expat Fritz Lang). Kamikaze ‘89 is less a genre shrine to the neon-drenched future of skyscraper-sized advertisements for Coke than a satire on the preceding generation’s “conquest of cool,” to borrow a phrase from Thomas Frank.

3.10GB | 1h 46m | 956×576 | mkv




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