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Donatella Baglivo – Andrey Tarkovsky in Nostalghia (1984)

Shot on the film’s set, gives a fascinating insight into the making of Nostalghia and includes interviews with Tarkovsky, the cast and crew.

Jason M for letterboxd wrote:
Now this gives a much better insight into the creative process. Donatella Baglivo’s onset footage follows Tarkovsky as he works during the filming of Nostalgia. Directing, writing, being a visionary filmmaker. A great sequence has the effects guy filling a valley of one of the film’s flashbacks locations with smoke as Tarkovsky tries do direct where he wants the smoke. The Pyrotechnician is reluctant as he claims the wind will blow it all away making his work a waste of time, and Tarkovsky demands more smoke as he wants to capture the location, the moon and the smoke in the same shot. Words are exchanged, tension builds, frustration surfaces and then it is all over as Tarkovsky states it being too late and the moon to be in the wrong position. In the interview, he talks of being a director, working, directing, and capturing that precise moment that encapsulates his vision.

This gives a pretty decent insight into Tarkovsky’s way of working.

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