Giorgio Stegani – Il sole nella pelle aka Summer affair (1971)


Plot summary
A billionaire auto magnate’s virginal teenage daughter fall in love with a free-spirited young man. This romance is one that her parents vehemently want to prevent. Lisa(Ornella Muti) is veru curious to explore her new-found feelings of desire, but her father forbids Lisa to see Robert(Alessio Orano). In their desperation to be together alone, they steal her father’s boat and set sail to a deserted, isolated island.

An IMDB’s comment
Summer Affair is kind of an Italian version of Romero and Juliet, intertwined with themes of free love, overbearing parents and a sun-baked island. The film is basically the story of a young girl who is enticed by a good looking, ‘free spirit’, much to the dismay of her father. The pair spends time together and eventually they end up on a boat. The boats gets out of control and the pair find themselves on a deserted island together. Meanwhile, the girl’s father gets the police involved to try and ‘save’ his daughter. It has to be said that the film isn’t all that interesting – not a great deal really happens and it tends to rely on the themes of the plot rather than the plot itself. The film does look nice, however, and director Giorgio Stegani does a good job of capturing the sun drenched locations and the picturesque island at the centre of the story. The film stars the beautiful Ornella Muti in one of her first roles, and while she doesn’t get a great deal to do; she is always nice to look at. Starring alongside her is Alessio Orano and the two share a believable chemistry. The plot really is rather predictable and the film doesn’t feature any surprises either. I wouldn’t heavily recommend anyone goes out of their way for this film…but it is at least a decent watch.


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